Yoga tips for triathletes

A while back I went to a yoga class for the first time in about 6 months. It was the first yoga class organised by my local triathlon club so we started at the beginning.  So as yoga goes it wasn’t particularly demanding but it was definitely a good wake-up call for my brain and my body.  

Turbo Training

I have some athletes that refuse to ever get on a turbo and only ride outside! I have other athletes who are the opposite and I can’t get them outside unless it’s blue skies and 20 degrees. And everyone in between.

How to practice?

Here’s a list of my favourite resources about how to get good at something and how to make the time you spend practising your sport effective. Let me know which is your favourite and how they’ve impacted on your swimming, cycling or running…..and your life.

The swimming numbers

What numbers are you using to help your swimming? A lot of Garmin watches and other devices that record swimming produce lots of data. As well as the usual time and distance there are other numbers such as a Garmin SWOLF score, strokes per minute and lots of fancy graphs.

Wha’ts that big clock in the pool?

That big clock in the pool is called a pace clock. It’s a tool that swimmers use when training in the pool. It’s not just for competitive swimmers but can be useful to all abilities.

Race Day Nutrition

Race day nutrition is an art form and if you get it wrong it can completely ruin a race. Getting cramp, diarrhoea of sickness can add an hour or more to your race but also make it miserable

How to deal with a disappointing race

You’ve trained your legs off for 6 months, feel like you’re on top form and are totally after a personal best. And then…..your race totally sucks and your performance is pants. How do you deal with this and keep enjoying your sport? Or even find the motivation to keep training for the next race.


You know you can finally call yourself an athlete when you get used to talking about puking, peeing, pooing and chafing in embarrassing places! But the one thing we don’t often talk about are periods!

How to plan a technique session

If you’re working on your swim stroke it’s sometimes hard to know what to do when you get to the pool or how to structure your own session. Here are some tips to help you plan your own session. Photo by Clique Images Decide on the purpose of your session...