Swim the Channel – Part 1

I was supposed to have an English Channel crossing this week as part of a team of 6 Total Immersion swim coaches! It would have been my third time but due to the co-vid lock down it’s not possible to swim this year so it seemed like a good time to share some of my learning.

Swim in the river – safely

Since the lockdown has been lifted a little bit I’ve made it a point to check out a wider range of open water and wild swimming spots local to me. In fact I’m on mission to swim in a different spot each week which I’ve named “Wild Swim Wednesdays”.
Along with some friends, from local swimming group Swim and Tonic I’ve been to a number of new places recently. They’ve mostly been in the river and I thought I’d share some of the things we do to keep ourselves safe.

Book Review – Option B

We started a YouCan book group during the lockdown. Mainly as a way to connect and learn through reading. In May we read Option B by Sheryl Sandberg

How to wear a wetsuit

A swimming wetsuit is a special item. They can be hard to get on and uncomfortable and hard to swim in.  Hear are a few simple tips for how to put on a swimming wetsuit. 

Open Water Swimming Wetsuits

It’s the end of May and the open water swim season is pretty much in full swing! With co-vid restrictions swimming pools are still closed so a lot of people are getting back in to open water or even trying it for the first time and maybe need a wetsuit. Here are some tips on buying a wetsuit.

Open Water Swim – Training Set

Here’s a sample open water swim training set with a bit of technique and bit of work. We did a 60min session about 2600 but the set can be adjusted by making your laps as long or as short as you like. This session is based on a lap approximately 400m long.

Open Water Swimming at Dosthill Quarry

Dosthill Quarry is a hidden little lake not far from Kingsbury. It’s next door to a church and in the middle of a housing estate so it’s hard to believe there’s something beautiful hidden behind the tree’s.

Freedom Swim!!

I’ve been for my first few swims! After 8 weeks of no swimming. I wasn’t sure how I would feel so I’ve just used it as an opportunity to get back in the water and enjoy it!

Club Swimming and Total Immersion

It can be fun to join a group or club swim for lots of reasons so I never tell a swimmer not to join in a group – even if it’s not a Total Immersion style practice.

However, if you’ve been working on your technique and stroke particularly with the Total Immersion method then we don’t want to undo all the changes you’ve made in your stroke by swimming flat out with bad technique in a group session.