How to buy a wetsuit

The weather is warming up, the water temperature is rising and lots of open water swimming venues are starting to open for regular swim training.  So now is a good time to check your wetsuit still fits, or to think about buying one if it’s your first season. I’ve just been through this long winded process, so here are some simple tips to help you make it easier.

Featured Athlete of the month – Introducing Margaret Ehrenberg

Tell us about yourself as a Triathlete I have to admit that I’ve never actually raced yet, unless you can count the weekly mini triathlon at Club la Santa about 25 yrs ago, but I’ve counted myself as a triathlete, rather than a runner for just over 2...

Book Review: Grit The Power of Passion and Perseverance, by Angela Duckworth

I’ve just finished reading Grit, by Angela Duckworth.

This was an incredibly easy and enjoyable read and is well worth picking up.  There are lots of references to other researchers and thinkers so the book is well referenced but also shows connection to some of the other books about success and practice in the popular press (such as Peak, by Anders Ericcson and The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle).

I’m a triathlete – why should I swim the other strokes?

Many triathletes and open water swimmers never bother to swim the other stroke focussing solely on front crawl and never learning anything else. However, all of the strokes can help to make you a better swimmer and here are some reasons why.

Athlete Profile: Anita Howe

We are delighted to introduced Anita Howe, another YouCanCoaching athlete in our series of athlete profiles. Tell us about yourself as a Triathlete I have been doing Triathlons for about 4 years after being involved in sport all my life from an early age. After...

Front Crawl Leg Kick

I often get asked about leg kick in front crawl. Common questions are should I kick harder to go faster, how many times should I kick to every arm cycle or concerns that their kick is too gentle and isn’t doing anything.  In this blog we’ll try to answer some of these questions.

What is an endless pool and why learn in one?

An endless pool is a small private swimming pool that we use for lessons and coaching.  It’s 14 feet long, 8 feet wide and 4 feet deep and uses a current for you to swim against, rather like running on a treadmill. It sounds like an odd and difficult thing to do, but it is incredibly easy to swim in an endless pool and has many advantages over a regular swimming pool.  It’s also a powerful and efficient way to learn.

Athlete Profile: Gary Smith

We are delighted to introduce YouCanCoaching athlete Gary Smith who has been working with us over the last 2 seasons. He tells us a bit about himself as a triathlete and how he has benefit from triathlon coaching. 

Six Essential Skills for Road Cyclists

 UK Roads are busy with lots of traffic and can be dangerous or scary for cyclists. It’s essential to have some simple skills and strategies in place to keep yourself safe, reduce the risk and to help keep your cycling fun. Here are some 6 simple tips that might help.

Reasons to Train in a Group

One of the things I love most about Triathlon is the people I meet, the friends I’ve made and the fun I have training with other people.  I’m a better athlete because I train in groups and without them I would often have struggled to get all my training done. But there are times when training with a group isn’t helpful and it’s useful to know the reasons for and against.