Running Technique Tips

Running a half marathon gives me plenty of time to observe running technique of all the people over taking me and keeps my mind distracted from my suffering.

What numbers are you looking at?

Lots of us triathletes and cyclists like some numbers to tell us how we’re performing – there’s nothing like a bit of hard data right! They can be a great help to keep us on track, help us to train effectively and tell us how fit (or not) we are.

Managing Pre-race stress

It’s normal to feel nervous or stressed before a big race especially if it’s something you’ve been focus on for several months. A few nerves are healthy as it can help you to perform to your best. But getting overly anxious and stressed can waste energy unnecessarily and can cause stomach problems and a poor performance.

How to end your swim practice?

How do you end your swim practice? I like to make swimming fun! So at the end of every swim set I tend to do a “finisher” before I get out the pool. This is something completely different from the rest of the swim.

Don’t Think Just Train

This week’s training involved a lovely FTP (functional threshold power) test on the bike. This is an all out 20min effort to get the highest average power possible.

How to prepare for a Time Trial

Kit list: Type up a kit list that you can review, amend and re-use for every event. Print it out your kit list and tick the items off as you pack them. This season at one event I emptied my bag on the pavement in a complete panic because I can’t find my sock and only...


A lot of the time I can’t get through a pool swim without needing at least one toilet break, which is a little bit weird and irritating.

Celebrating Success

How do you celebrate success? In a keynote speech at a conference world champion Chrissie Wellington listed regrets as not celebrating her successes enough, even when she won the World Championship

Why do a warm up?

Most people know they should do a warm up before starting an exercise session and usually just start off doing some slow easy mindless swimming before doing some hard work. However, if you start to understand all the reasons why a warm up is helpful then it will mean you can make the session more useful for you and set you up for a better swim practice.

2Swim4Life Part 3

2Swim4Life – 20th April 2019 – Team Total Immersion Video