Ten Reasons a Cycle Tour can make you a faster Triathlete

Every year I try and go on some sort of cycle tour or trip. Partly because I’m pretty useless at sight seeing or sitting on a beach and I also love cycling! But what other reasons are there to go on a cycle tour and how could it help your performance for triathlon?

Training Diary 1st Oct: Single Sided Swimming

Training Diary 1st Oct: Single Sided Swimming. This wee I had the pleasure of coaching a swimmer who was only able to swim with one arm due to a disability. This meant that the coaching team had to coach and demonstrate single arm drills and swimming with 1 arm

Training Diary: 10th September 2018: Coventry Baths

This week saw me get back into my routine with 3 quality swim sessions at my local pool. It was great to get back into it and I realised a key part of my routine is my morning swims at Coventry baths.  And despite the fact that there are lots of quirky and frustrating features (don’t start me on toilet rolls and time tables) – I actually really like going there

Storm Ali….and a Sea Swim!

The UK is being battered by Storm Ali and lots of my clients still have triathlon races and swimming events. So here are a few tips to survive a rough swim. Check the cut off time for the swim. Work out what your normal average pace per 100 is, and how this compares...

Ironman Planning

If you have a a big race coming up do you have a plan? Here are some the things I talk through with athletes in the weeks before their Ironman or main race of the season.

Training Diary: 1st Sept 2018: My 100m TT

At the start of September I took part in a 100mile Time Trial. This wasn’t the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done, but it was well worth doing. Here are some thoughts about how it went down.