15 Reasons to have a go at Time Trialling

It’s a different type of riding to your usual club or group ride so it adds some variety and fun to your regular routine. It only costs about £3 so it’s cheap as chips. You don’t need any fancy kit – just your bike. Seriously! You do not need to buy anything to get...

What is the point of a cool down and what should I do in one?

What is the purpose of a cool down and why do one? The main purpose of a cool down is to bring your breathing, body temperature and heart rate back to normal slowly.  For land based activities that have involved a lot of exertion the cool down helps to return your circulation back to normal and avoid getting dizzy (or blood pooling). It also helps to flush out any lactic acid that has built up during a hard workout.

Swimming is boring!

I recently had a few clients and triathletes complaining that swimming is boring. Here are some tips for making your swim sessions more interesting and manageable for your mind!

Ride London

Ride London is a 100 mile sportive on the original route from the London 2012 Olympics. It takes place on the first weekend of August and the route starts from Olympic Park and then goes out to the Surrey hills taking in the classic hills of Box Hill and Leith Hill.

Training Diary: November 26th: Hangry Attacks

Like many of the people I coach, I originally came to exercise and aerobic activity as a way to manage my weight and burn calories. As I got more interested in marathon running and triathlon I’ve become more focused on fitness and performance rather than calories and this has helped to temper an unhealthy obsession with size and weight loss.

Ride your bike in 2019

anuary is a time when a lot of people make New Year’s resolutions related to health and fitness plans. Cycling is a great way to get more active and has a whole range of physical and mental benefits.

Training Diary 19th November: Winter is Here

The weather turned this week and it was a shock to the system. Last week I rode in shorts! This week I had a 3 hour ride to do and didn’t have the mental strength to do this on my turbo. However, it was 2 degrees and when it was time to go outside on my bike I was so cold I almost cried!