Public Pools and TI Drills

So you’ve been for some Total Immersion swimming lessons or attended one of our workshops and you want to practice. But then you get back to your public pool and it’s tricky to find space to do the drills and six stroke practices.  So here are some tips and strategies to help practice your swimming in a public pool.

Training on a Time Trial Bike

f you have a Time Trial bike for racing ideally you’d do as much of your training as possible on it in your racing position. In the UK this can be a real challenge with the weather, the traffic along, weather, narrow roads, undulating terrain and bad surfaces.

Lockdown Injury No 1: Saddle Sore

Like a lot of other people I’ve used the extra time I have during the lockdown to do some more training!! And with no pools open and no gyms I’ve ended up doing a bit more cycling on my turbo. And boom….week 1 and I’ve given myself my first lockdown injury.  Saddle sore!

Indoors vs Outdoors

Should I get on my turbo or go outside? Which is better for me? Of course there’s a lot of personal preference and some triathletes hate getting on their turbo and only ever go outside which I totally get.  On the other hand I have athletes that will only ride outside on a blue sky 20 degree kind of day. Which I also get!

How to stay motivated in crappy weather

We’ve had some pretty crappy weather recently what with Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis. All that rain and wind can be a real downer on any training especially if you have a long ride or long run planned and know you’ll be busy on a different week. 

Yoga tips for triathletes

A while back I went to a yoga class for the first time in about 6 months. It was the first yoga class organised by my local triathlon club so we started at the beginning.  So as yoga goes it wasn’t particularly demanding but it was definitely a good wake-up call for my brain and my body.  

Turbo Training

I have some athletes that refuse to ever get on a turbo and only ride outside! I have other athletes who are the opposite and I can’t get them outside unless it’s blue skies and 20 degrees. And everyone in between.

How to practice?

Here’s a list of my favourite resources about how to get good at something and how to make the time you spend practising your sport effective. Let me know which is your favourite and how they’ve impacted on your swimming, cycling or running…..and your life.