A Triathlete’s guide to surviving Xmas

Keeping on top of your fitness and training goals during Xmas can be a challenge with a marathon of Xmas dinners, parties and celebrations. As well as time off work and interruption to your normal routine it can be hard to maintain any fitness over the Xmas period.

What is a tempo trainer?

A tempo trainer is a small yellow swimming device. You can clip it to your goggles or pop it under your swim had. It makes a beep that you can hear while swimming to help you with various aspects of your swim strokes. It typically costs about £30 and is a really handy device to help with intelligent swimming.

Training Diary 28th October: Ouch….my back hurts

This week I dislocated my whole body! Well it felt like it. Actually I put my back out bending over to pick a pencil off the floor. Nothing serious but crikey it really hurt. I struggled to put my socks on for two days and getting in and out of a car was a serious...

November Book Reviews

Here are some reviews of the 3 books I’ve read in November: Fuelling the cycling revolution, The Line: Where sport and medicine collide, The boys in the boat

It’s Cold and Dark Outside

It’s Cold and Dark Outside. How do I get out the door to the swimming pool on a cold dark winter night? This is a familiar challenge that I face myself every winter!

Training Diary for 22nd October; Swim Practice

Training Diary for 22nd October; Swim Practice: This week I had a discussion with a client about the  importance of strength and the ability to “pull” hard in swimming.  Of course strength does play a part but I think it’s much less important than most swimmers realise.