What is a tempo trainer?

A tempo trainer is a small yellow swimming device. You can clip it to your goggles or pop it under your swim had. It makes a beep that you can hear while swimming to help you with various aspects of your swim strokes. It typically costs about £30 and is a really handy device to help with intelligent swimming.

November Book Reviews

Here are some reviews of the 3 books I’ve read in November: Fuelling the cycling revolution, The Line: Where sport and medicine collide, The boys in the boat

It’s Cold and Dark Outside

It’s Cold and Dark Outside. How do I get out the door to the swimming pool on a cold dark winter night? This is a familiar challenge that I face myself every winter!

Training Diary for 22nd October; Swim Practice

Training Diary for 22nd October; Swim Practice: This week I had a discussion with a client about the  importance of strength and the ability to “pull” hard in swimming.  Of course strength does play a part but I think it’s much less important than most swimmers realise.