You know you can finally call yourself an athlete when you get used to talking about puking, peeing, pooing and chafing in embarrassing places! But the one thing we don’t often talk about are periods!

How to plan a technique session

If you’re working on your swim stroke it’s sometimes hard to know what to do when you get to the pool or how to structure your own session. Here are some tips to help you plan your own session. Decide on the purpose of your session eg what part of your...

Managing Pre-race stress

It’s normal to feel nervous or stressed before a big race especially if it’s something you’ve been focus on for several months. A few nerves are healthy as it can help you to perform to your best. But getting overly anxious and stressed can waste energy unnecessarily and can cause stomach problems and a poor performance.

How to end your swim practice?

How do you end your swim practice? I like to make swimming fun! So at the end of every swim set I tend to do a “finisher” before I get out the pool. This is something completely different from the rest of the swim.


A lot of the time I can’t get through a pool swim without needing at least one toilet break, which is a little bit weird and irritating.

Celebrating Success

How do you celebrate success? In a keynote speech at a conference world champion Chrissie Wellington listed regrets as not celebrating her successes enough, even when she won the World Championship