Swim the Channel – Part 1

I was supposed to have an English Channel crossing this week as part of a team of 6 Total Immersion swim coaches! It would have been my third time but due to the co-vid lock down it’s not possible to swim this year so it seemed like a good time to share some of my learning.

Swim in the river – safely

Since the lockdown has been lifted a little bit I’ve made it a point to check out a wider range of open water and wild swimming spots local to me. In fact I’m on mission to swim in a different spot each week which I’ve named “Wild Swim Wednesdays”.
Along with some friends, from local swimming group Swim and Tonic I’ve been to a number of new places recently. They’ve mostly been in the river and I thought I’d share some of the things we do to keep ourselves safe.

How to wear a wetsuit

A swimming wetsuit is a special item. They can be hard to get on and uncomfortable and hard to swim in.  Hear are a few simple tips for how to put on a swimming wetsuit. 

Open Water Swimming Wetsuits

It’s the end of May and the open water swim season is pretty much in full swing! With co-vid restrictions swimming pools are still closed so a lot of people are getting back in to open water or even trying it for the first time and maybe need a wetsuit. Here are some tips on buying a wetsuit.

Open Water Swim – Training Set

Here’s a sample open water swim training set with a bit of technique and bit of work. We did a 60min session about 2600 but the set can be adjusted by making your laps as long or as short as you like. This session is based on a lap approximately 400m long.

Open Water Swimming at Dosthill Quarry

Dosthill Quarry is a hidden little lake not far from Kingsbury. It’s next door to a church and in the middle of a housing estate so it’s hard to believe there’s something beautiful hidden behind the tree’s.