Swimming drills – love em or hate em?

Most swim practices and group swim sessions have some drills included in them. And it’s good practice to do some drills to keep your technique and your movement patterns good. But are you getting the most out of them?

The benefits of a Training Partner

For a lot of people this is a no brainer and they always train with other people. But for others, particularly triathletes who have particular goals and follow a training schedule it’s easy to make it a solitary pursuit. There’s a lot to be gained from training with others and lockdown has really made me reflect on why I value my training partners so much.

Post co-vid Swimming Adventure

As the swimming pools are closed due to the co-vid lock down and a lot of my swimming friends have some more time due to being furloughed I’m making it a mission to try and swim in a different place each week.  There are some amazing places to swim that aren’t too far away and I’ve discovered some super spots.

Part 5: Swim the Channel

This is part 5 of my blogs about swimming the channel in a 6 person relay.  In this blog I’ll share some practical tips and information that might help.