The swimming numbers

What numbers are you using to help your swimming? A lot of Garmin watches and other devices that record swimming produce lots of data. As well as the usual time and distance there are other numbers such as a Garmin SWOLF score, strokes per minute and lots of fancy graphs.

What’s that big clock in the pool?

That big clock in the pool is called a pace clock. It’s a tool that swimmers use when training in the pool. It’s not just for competitive swimmers but can be useful to all abilities.

Race Day Nutrition

Race day nutrition is an art form and if you get it wrong it can completely ruin a race. Getting cramp, diarrhoea of sickness can add an hour or more to your race but also make it miserable

15 Reasons to have a go at Time Trialling

It’s a different type of riding to your usual club or group ride so it adds some variety and fun to your regular routine. It only costs about £3 so it’s cheap as chips. You don’t need any fancy kit – just your bike. Seriously! You do not need to buy anything to get...

Training Diary 19th November: Winter is Here

The weather turned this week and it was a shock to the system. Last week I rode in shorts! This week I had a 3 hour ride to do and didn’t have the mental strength to do this on my turbo. However, it was 2 degrees and when it was time to go outside on my bike I was so cold I almost cried!