Training Programmes:  We provide training programmes to help you reach your fitness and sporting goals, whether this is a competition, event or personal challenge.  This could be to take part in a charity fun run, run your first mile, complete your first marathon  or get a personal best in a familiar race.

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Coached Run Session: These sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual or group. They could include an introduction to speed work, using your heart rate monitor, tips on drills, stretching and running form or purely a session to get you running hard and motivated. Group or one-to-one sessions available.

Cost: One-to-one £30 per hour

Running Technique: Just like other sports you can learn good running technique and movement patterns.  This will help you run more efficiently, stay injury free, improve your performance and enjoyment of the sport. If you are new to running, are struggling with injury, want to get fast, or would just like to learn more about running technique then some technique coaching and video analysis could really help.

Cost: One-to-one £30 per hour or 6 for £150