Training Progammes

We provide training programmes to help you reach your fitness and sporting goals, whether this is a competition, event or personal challenge.  This could be to take part in your first triathlon, complete an Ironman Triathlon competition, or achieve a personal best in a 10km running race.

Training programmes include support with goal setting and long term planning over a 6-12 month period.  Programmes are tailored to individual needs, goals and lifestyles and can include heart rate training, strength and conditioning and cross training.  We do not give off the shelf programmes and we aim to have regular contact with each individual on a weekly basis.

Programmes include day by day training activities across all sports for a 2-4 week period depending on the time of year.  It also includes a weekly review of your progress, telephone support and regular meetings. This allows us to review and adjust your training taking account of any injuries, illnesses, holidays, family and work commitments that crop up.

Please email for more prices and more information.