Triathlon Training Packages

Triathlon coaching starts with an initial consultation which includes goal setting, planning and movement screening. This information helps to inform your plan and training prescription. Once this initial set up and planning has been completed your training programmes are posted on a 3 or 4 weekly basis via Training Peaks.

Get Started

This package is an ideal starting point for an introduction to coaching. It includes goal setting, profiling, strengths and limiters analysis, an annual or season plan and a training recipe. The training recipe includes guidelines on how to train, what type of sessions to do, a rough outline of a training week and suggestions about how to progress your training over a 3-6 month period. If you like the flexibility of choosing your own training and want to experience the benefits of working with a coach without a monthly fee then this package is for you.

Cost: One off Fee £150


This package is ideal for people who want the benefit of working with a coach to plan a structured training programme and are motivated to stick to a programme. All training sessions in this package are prescribed and are delivered in 4 weeks blocks. The package includes 2 emails per month for support and questions as well as the flexibility to change your programme due to illness, injury or a change in circumstances.

Cost: £100 set up and £60 per month


If you have a big goal to train for and are serious about being the best that you can be with lots of support then this package is for you. To get the most of out of your training the package includes monthly phone calls or meetings, regular emails and a weekly review of your data.

Cost: £100 set up and £110 per month

Get Started Standard Advanced
Start up interview/consultation
Goal Setting
SWOT Assessment (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats to success)
Long Term Plan
Training Zones (heart rate, power, pacing)
Training Peaks Account
Performance Deficit Test
Individualized Plan Tailored to your Needs
All training sessions prescribed
Communication Frequency 2 e-mails per month 1 call and 4 e-mails per month
Training Schedules Posted Monthly Monthly
Training Schedule Updates 1 per month 1 per month
HR/Power/GPS File Review None Weekly
Swim Stroke Video Analysis (once every 6 months)
10% Discount on Swim Coaching workshops and lessons
Set Up Fee One off Fee £150 £100 £100
Monthly Pricing NA £100 £100