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If you’re a triathlete then you’ll normally swim with a wetsuit on. But have you ever tried to swim outdoors without one? And how do you feel about it? There are lots of benefits to be had and here are ten reason you should give it a go.

1. Feel for the water

You get a better feeling for the water which will give you stronger sensations of your movement and your stroke. This means you’ll have a better idea of what’s happening in your stroke, how balanced and streamlined you are and what you need to change.

2. Freedom of movement

Wetsuits can feel restrictive so swimming without one gives your body and especially your shoulders more freedom to move which helps your stroke and is better for your shoulders.

3. Cold acclimatisation

It will help you get used to the feeling and sensations of the cold. So when you swim in your wetsuit it won’t feel so cold.

4. Less hassle

It can make outdoor swimming less hassle. No need to spend ages slowly putting your wetsuit on and pulling it up inch by inch. Just put your cossie or trunks on, get in and swim.

5. Chafing

There’s no chance of that awful and unsightly chafing that wetsuits can give you.

6. Non wetsuit race

It’s always the possibility that one day you might go to a race and the weather will be so warm it’ll be a non wetsuit swim. In my 17 years of triathlon I have only ever had one non-wetsuit race and 2 wetsuit optional races so it doesn’t happen very often in the UK. However, it can cause a lot of stress to people who are worried about a non-wetsuit swim. If you do some practice without a wetsuit and know what it feels like it’ll give you a huge confidence boost so it’s one less thing for you to waste your energy thinking about.

7. Confidence

Having a go without a wetsuit will give you confidence in your swimming. Confidence and belief in yourself and your abilities is priceless.

8. Variety is the spice of life

Varying your training is what keeps stimulating your fitness and skills. Doing something different and stepping outside your comfort zone and regular routine every now and again can help to keep you progressing.

9. It’s fun
10. It feels amazing!

Go on give it a try! And if you don’t feel confident then get in touch for some lessons or coaching.

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I’m Penny and I’m a triathlete and wild swimmer with a passion for outdoor adventures. I’m a triathlon coach and Total Immersion Swimming Teacher and I help people feel more comfortable in the water so they can swim further, discover the joy of swimming or finish a triathlon without feeling exhausted.