If the weather is bad and you can’t get outside for your long ride you might have to get on the turbo instead. The thought of 3hrs on the turbo used to bring me out in a cold sweat.  But I’ve learned to cope with it a bit better so here are my 10 top tips of how to deal with a long indoor turbo.

1. Suck it up. It’s good mental toughness! Notice your thoughts and what you’re saying to yourself. When I change my self-talk it can help me to get through a session.

2. Chunk it down. Get a set to do with intervals in it or different intensities. You don’t want to work too hard as you’ve got a long ride to do so keep it mostly in Zone 2.

3. Get on Zwift and find a group ride to join. Do 30min before, join the group and 30min after. Or some other combination. If you’re not on Zwift you can just find a few friends to do the session with at the same time and just be together on Zoom or WhatsApp. Just knowing there are other people doing it with you can really help.

4. Plan your music, TV, podcasts, ted talks, movies, or friends to talk to in advance

5. Use some chamois cream. Long turbos are very static and not exactly likek riding outside so it’s quite likely your bottom might get sore.

6. Make sure to have plenty of drinks and some snacks available just like you would if you were going outside

7. Don’t be afraid to take a break and go to the toilet or have a quick espresso just like you would stop at a café

8. Have some dry clothes available. Being on the turbo is very sweaty so changing your top or shorts after a few hours can really help

9. Identify some mental toughness strategies and thoughts to practice which will help you with racing and help you focus.

10. Plan a reward for afterwards