1. It’s a different type of riding to your usual club or group ride so it adds some variety and fun to your regular routine.
  2. It only costs about £3 so it’s cheap as chips.
  3. You don’t need any fancy kit – just your bike. Seriously! You do not need to buy anything to get started – just your bike.
  4. A 10 mile Time Trial only takes 20-30 minutes – so you don’t need to be fit enough to hang on to the club run for 5 hours. Which makes it great for people new to riding or coming back after illness or injury.
  5. Having a set distance to ride and a time to beat can be super motivating.
  6. It gives you a benchmark of your fitness so that you’ve got something to train for and beat over the season and year to year.
  7. It can help to give purpose to your riding and training because you want to beat your time.
  8. 20-30 minute of HARD work makes you a fitter and stronger cyclist (for the data junkies think improved functional threshold power). And saves you having to get the turbo out or do intervals on your own.
  9. You always work harder with a number on your back!
  10. It makes you work HARD– perhaps I’m a bit weird….but this gives me a real kick and there’s nothing like the buzz from a hard workout.
  11. It gets you out of your comfort zone! I am still surprised about how hard I can work and what I can achieve.
  12. It teaches you focus – if you don’t keep your mind on the job then your times are usually rubbish. (These are essential skills for triathletes)
  13. It teaches you to embrace the suffering!!! And makes you hard as nails.
  14. You find out what you’re really capable of – no drafting, no coffee stops, no excuses!
  15. It’s Fun!!!!