Penny Wilkin

Head Coach

I am a full time professional triathlon coach working with a wide range of people taking part in triathlon for fitness and fun. I work with all types of athlete from first timer through to age group medal contender and across all distances from sprint distance through to Ironman and beyond. I work with people juggling demanding jobs, families, injuries and health conditions and take great pleasure in supporting people to reach their goals and have fun through sport.

I have been a teacher, trainer and coach since 2001 working with young people, adults, voluntary organisations, and professionals across a wide range of activities including business development, healthy eating, fitness and outdoor education. I have been able to combine these skills with my passion for Triathlon becoming a triathlon coach in 2009.

My passion for triathlon started in 2004 and hasn’t stopped since then. I’ve taken part in races of all distances from sprint through to Ironman in the UK and all around the world and continue to take part in triathlon events and related adventures. In recent years I’ve swam round Jersey in a 3 person relay, cycled 150 miles from Coast 2 Coast in Day and in 2016 I will lead a 6 person relay team swimming the English Channel.

Back in 2004 I was a back of the pack runner and a beginner cyclist and felt I needed all the help I could get if I was to survive triathlon. This took me on a journey to improve my swimming technique and some swimming lessons with a Total Immersion Swim Coach.  Within a few weeks of focused practice I was 10% faster without the physically demanding work of thousands of lengths, reps and regular training. This convinced me that efficient technique and practice would improve my performance and I have been on that journey ever since.

My swimming is a journey of continuous improvement (or Kaizan) and I continue to learn and get faster.  After more than 10 years of Total Immersion lessons I proudly became a Total Immersion certified swim coach and now offer workshops, courses and one-to-one lessons.