Stuart Liggins

Assistant Coach

My early sporting career at school involved team sports and I played cricket, badminton and tennis at county level. At around 12 years old I discovered that I enjoyed show jumping and ended up leaving school as soon as I could to travel around the world working and riding for the best show jumping and eventing yards in the world.

 An injury at 22 years old made me move back to Coventry where I got into the 9-5 working life and then started to put on weight and become a coach potato.

 Move forward to 2009 when my mother said that the London marathon was on her bucket list (it wasn’t on mine). I ended up getting a ballot place and I didn’t even understand how far a mile was. I completed the marathon having done no training and wearing an England shirt and some gym trainers.

 After not thinking about it for a few years I decided that I wanted to go back and do the London marathon again and beat my previous time. I got a place in 2014 and started to do some structured training. Joining a local running club help me to discover a love for running. In that year I beat my previous time by 1hr 45mins.

Over the next few years I ran races of all distances including London and Las Vegas marathons. And then I started to think about what there is after a marathon and that’s when I started getting interested in triathlon.

Having never been able to front crawl, I attended a YouCanCoaching 6 week course and once I discovered the enjoyment of swimming I started to race in triathlons from sprint distance to Ironman distance. Penny has been my coach for a few years and I have improved both my speed and endurance and I thoroughly enjoy the training and progress I make while working with a coach.

I have always loved helping people get to their goals and I have a fascination for data, so the natural progression for me was to get into the world of coaching.

I bring a growth mind set to triathlon. I love learning, growing and seeing what is possible for my own performances and for the athletes I coach.