Alumni: Post Course and Workshop Support

It doesn’t have to stop once a workshop or course has been completed. We have a range of ongoing support including an exclusive facebook support group, weekly practice sessions and two ongoing support packages. These are for anyone who has attended a course or workshop and wants to continue their learning and development.

Sign up for our Alumni newsletter and join the facebook group.

Weekly Practice

This is a weekly practice session for Triathletes and Total Immersion swimmers. It is a mixture of focussed stroke development and fitness. We use tempo trainers and metrics such as stroke counting, time and rate of perceived exertion to learn how to stay efficient. It is aimed at triathletes and swimmers who have completed one of our workshops or courses and has some knowledge of Total Immersion Swimming. It costs £10 per session and you can pay at the session and register on line.


Ongoing Support Packages

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This package includes:

  • A half day workshop refresher every quarter to recap on the drills and top up your learning.
  • Monthly video analysis and support via video conference
  • Send your swimming video with your questions and training diary for feedback and analysis.

Cost: £40 per month


This package includes:

  • A 60min one-to-one lesson every month, plus
  • Email or video conference support once per month in between lessons.
  • Detailed practice sessions to keep you on track

Cost: £65 per month