Have you always dreamed of doing an Ironman Triathlon but aren’t sure if you’re capable?

Maybe you’re not sure if you’re fit enough and don’t quite have the confidence yet to sign up.

Completing an Ironman triathlon is so much more than just being fit enough. It’s also about building knowledge, confidence, skills, experiences and self belief that you could do the distance.

This means there’s a wide range of things you can do that will build your confidence and ability to finish the race. I’m a big believe in thinking creatively about how to go about this.

And sometimes it’s not till you do something that you realise what a difference its made.

Here are some suggestions of things that I’ve done over the years specifically to build my confidence.

How many can you already tick off?

Fitness and Distances
  • Tick off the distances of each discipline as races or training sessions eg Run a marathon
    Enter a 3.8km swimming event, a 100mile cycling sportive.
  • Complete a triathlon at all the other distances. Eg sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman
  • Do an event that’s longer than the individual distances eg swim 5km, run an ultra, ride 150miles.
  • Get a pb at running distances eg 5km, 10k, half marathon
  • Race a Cycling Time Trial to learn the skills riding solo against the clock.
Heat, Rain and Terrain
  • Train in the rain as it might rain on race day.
  • Most triathlon races take place in the summer. Learn how your body copes with training in the heat and what you need to do to mange that.
  • Look at the type of race you’re interested in and do some events that are similar. Eg if you really fancy Ironman Wales then make sure you go and swim in the sea and ride some hills.
Spectate or Volunteer
  • Spectate at an Ironman or support a friend who’s racing
  • Volunteer at an Ironman race – or even better at the race you want to do.
  • Train with a group so you can learn from some other people but particularly people who have already done an Ironman
  • Do a triathlon training camp
  • Do a multi day bike trip
  • Plan a 4 week block of training at the frequency you think you’ll need for an Ironman
  • Practice training at different times of the day to figure out what works for you
Skills and Technique
  • Work on your swim technique
  • Work on your bike handling technique
  • Learn how to map and plan safe bike routes
Injury Prevention
  • Get your running technique assessed
  • Work on your strength and mobility and get injuries assessed and fixed. Get your movement assessed.
  • Get your bike fitted by a professional
Bike Maintenance
  • Work on your bike maintenance skills and make sure you know how to fix a puncture

Signing up for an Ironman is a big investment in both money, time and mental focus. And finishing one is so much more than just the ability to swim, bike and run a long way.

I think it makes sense to be as prepared as possible before you actually start the training plan.

So start thinking laterally and creatively about how to build your confidence that you could actually do it.

Let me know what you’ve ticked off or what else is on your list. And if you want to chat about it more then book in for a FREE “Let’s Chat” and we can talk about it more.

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I’m Penny. I’ve been taking part in triathlon for 18 years and I’ve completed 7 Ironman distance races. I’ve helped countless athletes train towards their first and their 10th Ironman.  If you’re curious about how triathlon coaching could help you then why not book for a FREE Let’s Chat to find out more.