We are delighted to introduced Anita Howe, another YouCanCoaching athlete in our series of athlete profiles.

Tell us about yourself as a Triathlete

I have been doing Triathlons for about 4 years after being involved in sport all my life from an early age. After playing hockey for many years I decided whilst I was still fit I wanted to try Triathlons. After doing a Sprint Distance Tri as my first one I’ve been addicted ever since.

This year my main events are the European Championships in Estonia in July and the International Triathlon Union Championships in August in September both events are GB Aged Group.

What motivates you?

My motivation comes from wanting tp be the best I can be and I am constantly looking on how to improve my performance.

What is your proudest achievement ?

My proudest achievement is representing GB age group. Also coming the 1st female in my first 70.3 distance.

What’s your favourite Training session?

I enjoy the sessions that push me to my limits be it cycling, running or swimming. I enjoy turbo sessions as you are able to concentrate on the power output and work hard to maintain it.

What are your least favourite sessions?

My least favourite are cycling in bad weather but I think to myself you can’t guarantee the weather on race day and other people would be out.

What are your biggest challenges being at triathlete?

The cost is a big thing for me as it can be expensive for the sport I love. I work shifts so sometimes it difficult to stick to the training planned.I cut back on other things so I can do the sport I love and try and save.

How have you grown as athlete?

I’ve learned not be so hard on myself.  I also deal with injuries better I think this is because there as 3 disciplines as you can always train on one of them and I have a better mind set.

How has coaching helped?

Coaching as helped me plan the season ahead and my goals. It takes the problem out of arranging your own training and stops me from doing too much. Having someone to talk to and email helps with knowing where you currently are  and where you need to be.  Having positive and negative feedback helps to keep me progressing.

What are your future goals?

I would like try ironman distance and in my dreams qualify for the World Championships in Kona (if I can afford it). But I also want to continue improving my performance all round.

What are your top triathlon tips?

  • Practice Practice Practice.
  • Things don’t happen over night to don’t get frustrated and be patient.
  • Trying new things  can take time especially working on swimming swim techniqu

If you’re thinking about racing Olympic Distance or have ambitions to qualify and race in your age group for team GB then why not get in touch and we’ll try answer all your questions.