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Nutrition Tips for Coventry Half Marathon

Here’s a few of my nutrition tips before Coventry Half Marathon. You need carbohydrates to fuel your run so make sure you eat properly the day before. You don’t need to do anything special but just take some time to think about your meals and make sure you eat well and have a portion of carbohydrate with you evening meal.  

Tips for Coventry Half Marathon

Coventry Half Mara is coming up on 5th April. Here’s a few tips based on my experiences from last year’s race.

Zwift…..FOMO? Or essential item

Since the lock-down lots of people have had to do more indoor bike training. There are lots of ways to do this but a really popular one at the moment is Zwift. It seems like everyone is on it which leads to the inevitable…FOMO.  Do you really need it? 

Are you a junk mile junky

What are junk miles? Junk yards? Junk training? Are you a junk mile junky? Junk miles or yards is basically training that’s meaningless and has no purpose. And is therefore not an effective use of your training time.

Swimming drills – love em or hate em?

Most swim practices and group swim sessions have some drills included in them. And it’s good practice to do some drills to keep your technique and your movement patterns good. But are you getting the most out of them?

Half marathon tips for avoiding injury

It’s really common to get injured when you start training for an event particular as a runner. There’s some research that shows that as many as 79% of runners get injured at least once in a year.

The benefits of a Training Partner

For a lot of people this is a no brainer and they always train with other people. But for others, particularly triathletes who have particular goals and follow a training schedule it’s easy to make it a solitary pursuit. There’s a lot to be gained from training with others and lockdown has really made me reflect on why I value my training partners so much.

Half marathon training tips

Coventry half marathon is coming up at the start of April so I thought I’d share a few or my tips for training for the race.