Is a flip turn worth learning?

Doing a tumble turn at the end of each length looks and feels cool! It’s not really a necessary skill for triathletes and open water swimmers who usually race in open water without even a wall to push off. And with 3 sports to train for taking time to learn how to tumble turn probably isn’t high up the priority list.

Are you afraid of commitment?

I chatted to professional BMX and mountain bike racer Nathan Parsons on the podcast a few weeks ago. I asked him what triathletes could learn from BMX riding and for his top training tips for triathletes. He said “commit”. Commit to the race, commit to the ride!

Back to Swimming – Handy Guide

It’s been several months since we could swim and it can be a bit daunting getting back into the pool (indoors or outdoors) for your first swim. Click below to read this handy Post Lockdown Back to Swimming Guide. Back to swimming – Handy...

Cotswold 113 Race Review

Cotswold 113 is a middle distance triathlon race that takes place twice a year. It was previously in June and August but for 2021 will be June and July.

Have you fallen out of love?

Have you ever fallen out of love with something you once loved with a passion? This was a question I chatted about my friend as we had a little walk round the park. She has been studying for a PHD for many years has taken a break from it to focus on other things for a...

Reading List – Healthy Eating and Sports Nutrition

Here are a few books I’ve found useful about healthy eating and sports nutrition. Hopefully there’s something here that might be helpful if your’e wanting to want to make some changes to your day to day diet or to improve your race day nutrition