A Triathletes Guide to Buying a Treadmill

I’ve been wondering how I can get faster at running and what I could do differently this year to help. One of the things that I’ve discussed on and off with my coach is to do some training on a treadmill. I’ve tried to do this from a gym but because it’s not been very...

Non Swimmer to Ironman Triathlete – Lizzy Ahmed

In this blog we hear from one of our coached athletes – Lizzy Ahmed about her experiences as a triathlete. It’s been super to support Lizzy through the last few years to achieve her dream of becoming an Ironman at one of the toughest races out there at Ironman Bolton. Read about Lizzy’s journey, the ups and downs and all the things she learned along the way. 

10 Reasons to train on a Treadmill

Are there any benefits to running on a treadmill? Or is it just a dreadmill? It it a total waste of time and it’s not even “real running” right? Well, I think there are some benefits to be had from using a treadmill, just like there are some benefits to be had from training on an indoor bike set up.

12 Reasons wild swimmers should go indoors

If you’ve been part of the boom in wild swimming over the last year or so and have a discovered a love of the outdoors why on earth would you go and swim indoors? In that sweaty, chlorinated, indoor pool that feels confining and is full of lane politics that you can’t understand? If you want to get better at swimming and be able to swim further, faster or feel better in the water then you will definitely benefit from doing some sessions both indoors AND outdoors. 

Book Review: North: Scott Jurek

This is the story of ultra running legend, Scott Jurek running the Appalachian Trail to try and set a fastest known time for running the entire length. It’s the story of how he tackles the challenge and how he rediscovers his motivation and love of competition.  ...

The Humber Swim

The Humber estuary is a significant part of the landscape between Grimsby and Hull and one that has to be swam across.  A swim is always more exciting if there’s a destination; across a river, channel, or estuary, or from one side the other. Especially one with a...

The Short-Sighted Triathlete

I’m really quite short sighted. I can’t see to tie my shoelaces and I don’t get on with contact lenses. Doing any water sports can be a bit of a challenge. Back in the day when I first started triathlon, I’d never heard of prescription goggles, and I never came across anyone with the same vision problem that I had or they were wearing contact lenses. Triathlon and open water swimming was only just beginning as a mass participation sport so they were probably not something you got on the high street.