Shane has been travelling around the world for many years visiting runners, coaches, elite training groups and ultra distance events to learn about running. He set out to discover why high performing runners are so good and what the secrets are of fast, injury free running.

The book is the story of his research. He shares lots of case studies, stories of different runners and their journeys as well as sharing what he’s learned about running along the way.

It’s easy to read and I loved hearing about the wide range of runners he’s worked with from world class runners in Ethiopia, disabled runners in the UK as well record setting ultra distance runners such as Nicky Spinks.

His book is fantastically positive and he covers lots of things including how the mind affects your running as well as your movement.  One of the main outcomes of his research is the importance of fascia and how little consideration this is given in current thinking about movement and running technique.

It was super inspiring and got me to really reconsider the possibilities of how improvement is possible if you keep learning about movement and running technique. He really puts across the power that continuous learning can have on your performance.

It inspired me so much that the next day I booked a running lessons with Shane!