Matt decides to see how good he could be at running if he trained like a professional runner, despite being in his 40s. He joined a professional running team and became a full time runner living life like a pro. The book is the story of his journey but also what it’s like inside a professional running team.

I enjoyed hearing about the characters on the team and getting an insight of what happens in the day to day life of a professional runner. Lots of their training methods and sessions are described and while it’s a story rather than a book about how to get faster there’s definitely a lot of useful information packed into the book which will help your own running.

There was a lot of talk about pacing and hitting particular splits in training seconds down to the precise second. Which made realise the superior level of skill that elite athletes have and something I’ve made more of an effort to work on.

The story follows all the ups and downs of all the runners on the team describing how their race season progressed, the impact of injury, family illness and race disappointments as well as the highs of breakthrough performances and race wins.

It’s a fun and enjoyable read and it’s inspiring to see what can be achieved if you focus your mind and pick a goal and go for it.