This is a book about how to develop habits in order to make changes in your life and feel better. If there are things that you want to do more regularly but never manage to stick at then this is a book that can help. Key things for me are to get better at making time to do daily stretches and foam rolling to help with injury management and being more tidy so that I can find things when I need them.

The main premise of the book is to start with really tiny things that are super easy to achieve, to find anchor moments that happen naturally that you can couple a new habit with and instant celebration. The book really unpicks the science, psychology and process of habit formation and there are lots of concepts that should really help.

Things that really helped me are the concepts instant celebration each time you do your habit. Another thing that really helped is his as well as working through a process to identify habits that are easy to change or hard to change and why.

What I really liked is that it unpicks the process of habit formation beyond just having willpower, discipline or a habit tracker none of which have ever really worked for me.

One small simple thing it helped me with is the faff and procrastination I have before I do a training session! In particular I’d get myself ready to go out the door and then find that my Garmin had no battery and my headphones were flat. So then I spend another 10 minutes stressing and trying to charge devices. I now plug my devices in to charge as soon as I go upstairs for my shower. And I’ve done that after every single session.

As for stretching, foam rolling and mobility – I’m still working on that!

It’s practical, real life book and should give you some tools to make some changes in your life.