Book Review: Boys in the Boat

The main purpose of the book is to tell the life story of Joe Rantz and his life as a poor working class American in the 1930s. Joe went on to win an Olympic Gold medal in rowing and the book explores the history of rowing giving a flavour of the popularity of the sport in during that period. The book also describes the sport of rowing, the coaches, the athletes, the boats, boat builders and the training.

Book Review: Lost Art of Running, Shane Benzie

Book Review: The Lost Art of Running. Shane has been travelling around the world for many years visiting runners, coaches, elite training groups and ultra distance events to learn about running.

10 Running Book Recommendations for Xmas

Here are my 10 Running Book Recommendations for Xmas. I’ve read the first 3 and the several are already loaded up on my Kindle or on my list to read next. Do let me know which one’s you’ve read and enjoyed and any other recommendations.   1. The...