Do you have hill anxiety?

Many cyclists feel intimidated by hills especially when starting out when cycling legs haven’t been developed yet.  But even if you’re not new to cycling hills can still be difficult to manage and how you feel about them can affect how you feel about your cycling. Being scared and intimidated by hills can ruin your enjoyment of cycling.

10 Tips for a 3hr Turbo

If the weather is bad and you can’t get outside for your long ride you might have to get on the turbo instead. The thought of 3hrs on the turbo used to bring me out in a cold sweat.  But I’ve learned to cope with it a bit better so here are my 10 top tips of how to...

Bad Weather Alternatives for Cycling

I’ve got a long 3-4hrs ride in my plan but the weather is terrible.  It’s either been below zero with a lot of ice and a heavy frost or foggy.  I don’t mind a little bit of cold but I won’t risk the ice. The thought of spinning easy for hours on my turbo brings me out in a cold sweat. But the training has to get done so here are some suggestions of what you could do instead. 

Ride Outside – it’s fun!

This might seem like an obvious thing but for many triathletes here in the UK riding through winter can be a challenge. For people who feel the cold, are new to riding or nervous on their bike it can be easy to retreat to your turbo and stop riding outside.

Book Review: Fuelling the cycling revolution, Nigel Mitchell

The author, Nigel Mitchell is the head of nutrition at professional cycling team Canondale Drapac. He shares lots of the strategies he uses with professional cyclists and covers topics such as losing and gaining weight, fuelling before, during and after races and hydration.

Zwift…..FOMO? Or essential item

Since the lock-down lots of people have had to do more indoor bike training. There are lots of ways to do this but a really popular one at the moment is Zwift. It seems like everyone is on it which leads to the inevitable…FOMO.  Do you really need it?