Does your step count matter?

With covid-19 restrictions in place a lot of people are working from home and the restrictions mean that most people are going out the house less. This can have a big impact on daily movement which can affect your fitness and triathlon training.

Can you use both hands?

My lockdown injury has meant that I can’t lift my right arm above my head and a lot of movements hurt like hell. It’s made me very aware of all the things I might do with my right arm that I can’t co-ordinate with my left and how single sided I am. Having to do simple tasks with my other arm has required a whole lot of extra thought and co-ordination. And has also made me realise how lopsided I am which isn’t good for movement and injury management.

Not moving can be just as bad as moving

This time it wasn’t the training that gave me an injury but the resting! What you do in your day to day life can have just as much impact on your fitness as what you do in your training sessions. Especially in relation to posture which has such a big impact on injury.

Are you a junk mile junky

What are junk miles? Junk yards? Junk training? Are you a junk mile junky? Junk miles or yards is basically training that’s meaningless and has no purpose. And is therefore not an effective use of your training time.

Half marathon tips for avoiding injury

It’s really common to get injured when you start training for an event particular as a runner. There’s some research that shows that as many as 79% of runners get injured at least once in a year.