How fit do you need to be to do an Ironman Triathlon?

You’ve always wanted to do an Ironman Triathlon but are wondering how fit you really need to be. In this blog I give you some suggestions of what a good level of fitness, experience and skill would be helpful before signing up. You don’t need to tick all these boxes but at least some of them are a good place to start from.

Cancer, Triathlon and Life Lessons with Zelda Wilson

In this blog we hear from Zelda Wilson, client, friend and training partner. Zelda tells us about her story from beginner to endurance athlete, what got her started, how cancer has shaped her goals and what’s she’s learned along the way.

How to choose an Ironman

So you’ve finally decided you have the courage to do an Ironman and now you need to choose a race. If it’s your first or your 10th long distance race then it’s well worth spending a bit of time choosing the right race for you.  Ironman races are all very different with varying levels of difficulty which can be the difference between finishing with a smile and a DNF. Here are some things to help you choose.

Cotswold 113 Race Review

Cotswold 113 is a middle distance triathlon race that takes place twice a year. It was previously in June and August but for 2021 will be June and July.