The Short-Sighted Triathlete

I’m really quite short sighted. I can’t see to tie my shoelaces and I don’t get on with contact lenses. Doing any water sports can be a bit of a challenge. Back in the day when I first started triathlon, I’d never heard of prescription goggles, and I never came across anyone with the same vision problem that I had or they were wearing contact lenses. Triathlon and open water swimming was only just beginning as a mass participation sport so they were probably not something you got on the high street.

Human Efficiency in Water

Did you know that humans aren’t very efficient moving in water! When we compare 100m world records for running and swimming its much clearer how much energy we lose in swimming.

Prescription Goggles

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, then doing sport can be complicated. Being able to see properly can be the difference between feeling confident and enjoying an activity or feeling anxious and stressed. It wasn’t until I got a pair of prescription goggles that I realised how anxious I felt in the swimming pool because I couldn’t see properly.  I also realised how much dirt was at the bottom of the pool for the first time!

Five things to improve your swimming today

It’s easy to get frustrated and end up in a rut with your swimming where you see little progress. Here are 5 tips of things you can do today to help improve your swimming.  

Is a flip turn worth learning?

Doing a tumble turn at the end of each length looks and feels cool! It’s not really a necessary skill for triathletes and open water swimmers who usually race in open water without even a wall to push off. And with 3 sports to train for taking time to learn how to tumble turn probably isn’t high up the priority list.