Is a flip turn worth learning?

Doing a tumble turn at the end of each length looks and feels cool! It’s not really a necessary skill for triathletes and open water swimmers who usually race in open water without even a wall to push off. And with 3 sports to train for taking time to learn how to tumble turn probably isn’t high up the priority list.

Back to Swimming – Handy Guide

It’s been several months since we could swim and it can be a bit daunting getting back into the pool (indoors or outdoors) for your first swim. Click below to read this handy Post Lockdown Back to Swimming Guide. Back to swimming – Handy...

10 reasons triathletes should swim outdoors in winter

With swimming pools being closed due to covid-19 restrictions there has been a huge boom in outdoor swimming.  Many people are continuing to swim outside even in December and January when water temperatures are dropping to 3 degrees.  It seems like a totally crazy thing so here are some good reasons to give it a go.

10 Swimming Books for Xmas

Here are my 10 swimming book recommendations for Xmas! I’ve read the first 3 and thoroughly enjoyed them. The rest are either already bought or downloaded or are on my book list so do let me know what you think. Leap in, A Woman, some waves and the will to swim,...