Human Efficiency in Water

Did you know that humans aren’t very efficient moving in water! When we compare 100m world records for running and swimming its much clearer how much energy we lose in swimming.

Prescription Goggles

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, then doing sport can be complicated. Being able to see properly can be the difference between feeling confident and enjoying an activity or feeling anxious and stressed. It wasn’t until I got a pair of prescription goggles that I realised how anxious I felt in the swimming pool because I couldn’t see properly.  I also realised how much dirt was at the bottom of the pool for the first time!

Five things to improve your swimming today

It’s easy to get frustrated and end up in a rut with your swimming where you see little progress. Here are 5 tips of things you can do today to help improve your swimming.  

Back to Swimming – Handy Guide

It’s been several months since we could swim and it can be a bit daunting getting back into the pool (indoors or outdoors) for your first swim. Click below to read this handy Post Lockdown Back to Swimming Guide. Back to swimming – Handy...

Swimming drills – love em or hate em?

Most swim practices and group swim sessions have some drills included in them. And it’s good practice to do some drills to keep your technique and your movement patterns good. But are you getting the most out of them?