10 Reasons Triathletes should ditch their wetsuit

If you’re a triathlete then you’ll normally swim with a wetsuit on. But have you ever tried to swim outdoors without one? And how do you feel about it? There are lots of benefits to be had and here are ten reason you should give it a go.

Do you need a wetsuit for open water swimming?

                    This is the second part of my blog about if you need a wetsuit for open water swimming. In this part I’m looking at the benefits of swimming without a wetsuit. Whether your someone who usually swims breaststroke, are just learning front crawl...

Cancer, Triathlon and Life Lessons with Zelda Wilson

In this blog we hear from Zelda Wilson, client, friend and training partner. Zelda tells us about her story from beginner to endurance athlete, what got her started, how cancer has shaped her goals and what’s she’s learned along the way.

A Triathletes Guide to Buying a Treadmill

I’ve been wondering how I can get faster at running and what I could do differently this year to help. One of the things that I’ve discussed on and off with my coach is to do some training on a treadmill. I’ve tried to do this from a gym but because it’s not been very...

Non Swimmer to Ironman Triathlete – Lizzy Ahmed

In this blog we hear from one of our coached athletes – Lizzy Ahmed about her experiences as a triathlete. It’s been super to support Lizzy through the last few years to achieve her dream of becoming an Ironman at one of the toughest races out there at Ironman Bolton. Read about Lizzy’s journey, the ups and downs and all the things she learned along the way. 

10 Reasons to train on a Treadmill

Are there any benefits to running on a treadmill? Or is it just a dreadmill? It it a total waste of time and it’s not even “real running” right? Well, I think there are some benefits to be had from using a treadmill, just like there are some benefits to be had from training on an indoor bike set up.