Are you ready for an Ironman Triathlon?

Have you always dreamed of doing an Ironman Triathlon but aren’t sure if you’re capable? Here are some tips to help build your confidence.

Can I train with a cold?

                      I’ve had a few clients this week suffering with colds, flu or chesty coughs. So I’ve had several conversations about when it’s OK to train and when it’s not. Above the neck rule The general guidelines I’ve always followed are that if your...

Do you have a Triathlon Training Ego or a Monkey?

Do you have a Triathlon Training Ego or a Triathlon Training Monkey? And how does it help or hinder you and your training? Triathlon Training Ego – how it’s helpful Your “Triathlon Ego” is the bit of you that thinks you can do it and doesn’t want to ever...

How fit do you need to be to do an Ironman Triathlon?

You’ve always wanted to do an Ironman Triathlon but are wondering how fit you really need to be. In this blog I give you some suggestions of what a good level of fitness, experience and skill would be helpful before signing up. You don’t need to tick all these boxes but at least some of them are a good place to start from.

Front Crawl Swim Set for Fun

I’m on easy training week so we did a fun front crawl swimming set this morning. It was very simple.  Swim 12 x 200m. And do something different for each repeat. FOR FUN!!!  You can obviously amend the distance to suit however much you want to swim This is what...