How to choose an Ironman

So you’ve finally decided you have the courage to do an Ironman and now you need to choose a race. If it’s your first or your 10th long distance race then it’s well worth spending a bit of time choosing the right race for you.  Ironman races are all very different with varying levels of difficulty which can be the difference between finishing with a smile and a DNF. Here are some things to help you choose.

Training in the heat

A few weeks back we had a bit of a heatwave here in the UK. One day I went out the house and my car read the outside temperature as 41! Here are some tips for training in the heat.

Have you fallen out of love?

Have you ever fallen out of love with something you once loved with a passion? This was a question I chatted about my friend as we had a little walk round the park. She has been studying for a PHD for many years has taken a break from it to focus on other things for a...

10 Tips for a 3hr Turbo

If the weather is bad and you can’t get outside for your long ride you might have to get on the turbo instead. The thought of 3hrs on the turbo used to bring me out in a cold sweat.  But I’ve learned to cope with it a bit better so here are my 10 top tips of how to...

10 tips for getting out of home workout hell

Lots of triathletes are trying to do home workouts at the moment as a substitute for swimming or doing a class at a gym. But how many times have you missed the session because you can’t face it? I’ve lost count of how many of clients say they hate home workouts!

Does your step count matter?

With covid-19 restrictions in place a lot of people are working from home and the restrictions mean that most people are going out the house less. This can have a big impact on daily movement which can affect your fitness and triathlon training.