Front Crawl Breathing Tips

Are you struggling with your breathing in front crawl? Do you get out of breath really quickly and feel exhausted after a few strokes or a few lengths?  Common issues swimmers raise with me every week are Getting out of breath really quickly Water going in their mouth...

Reading List – Healthy Eating and Sports Nutrition

Here are a few books I’ve found useful about healthy eating and sports nutrition. Hopefully there’s something here that might be helpful if your’e wanting to want to make some changes to your day to day diet or to improve your race day nutrition 

Do you have enough willpower for 2021?

I’m sure many people will be thinking about New Year’s resolutions. This probably includes making health and fitness plans or getting back into training for a triathlon or running event. New Year resolutions get a bad press because they often don’t last long and they can be hard to stick to and require willpower. Do you have enough willpower to stick to your plan?