Children's Swimming Lessons

Children and Pre-School Swimming Lessons

We offer private one-to-one swimming lessons for children because we know that swimming and being in water is a fabulous activity for any child and can provide hours of fun.  Being confident in the water opens up lots of opportunities to take part in other water sports activities and enjoy family holidays by the sea. It’s also an important life skill that will keep your child safe around water.

Finding the right swimming lessons so your child learns but still has fun is important and this is where one-to-one swimming lessons in our private pool can help.


Why choose children’s swimming lessons with us? 

  • Is your child struggling to make progress in group swimming lessons?
  • Are group children’s swimming lessons too noisy with too many distractions?
  • Do you feel like your child needs some extra help?
  • Has your child missed out on lessons due to the pandemic or other reasons?
  • Do group children’s swimming lessons not give enough individual support and feedback to your child?
  • Does your child have any special learning needs that are difficult to accommodate in group swimming lessons?

How can we help?

We offer one-to-one swimming lessons for children in our private pool. Two-to-one children’s swimming lessons are available if you have a friend or sibling of a similar ability.

  • One-to-one swimming lessons are tailored to the specific needs of your child and we work at a pace that suits your child
  • We can tailor the swimming lesson with the right balance of games, fun and teaching for your child
  • Your child will do a lot more swimming in their lesson as they won’t need to take turns with other children
  • It’s easier for children to listen and concentrate in our private swimming pool because it’s small and quiet and there’s no other children in your lesson.
  • Our teachers are in the swimming pool with your child during their swimming lesson making teaching more effective
  • Your child won’t struggle with the cold because we keep our pool warmer than traditional leisure centres and school swimming pools.

Baby and Toddler Swim Time

Baby/toddler swim sessions are the perfect opportunity for you to make ever lasting memories with your child while enhancing their love of the water.

Our swim sessions are centred around building water confidence through music, play and fun, which our swim coach will personalise the session for your child’s needs.

The swimming pool is private and booked exclusively for your session so you and your child have will a peaceful environment to fully immerse yourselves in the session.

We offer 1:1 classes for you and your child or we offer 2:1 classes where you’ll share the pool with one other parent and child.

When do we swim?

Mondays Children and Pre-School 3pm – 8pm Availability
Thursday Children and Pre-School 3pm – 8pm Fully Booked
Friday Children and Pre-School 4pm – 8pm Fully Booked
Sunday Children and Pre-School 8am – 2pm Availability


How much does it cost?

One-to-one children’s swimming lessons are £25 for 30 minutes and we take bookings and payments for each half term block.

Two-to-one children’s swimming lessons can be arranged if you have a friend or sibling of a similar ability.

How to book

Please get in touch with Anna who manages our children’s lessons via email to find out what availability we have


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Children's Swimming Lesson
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Our Children’s Swimming Teachers

Anna Newman

Anna Newman

Anna is a keen swimmer for fitness, fun and adventure. She swims outdoors all year round, even in winter and has completed several long   distance open water swimming evens including the length of Ullswater and Windermere.

Her passion for long distance swimming means she’s recognised the need to improve her own swimming she’s been working on her own stroke with the help of Total Immersion lessons and workshops with Penny over the last few years.

She developed her love of swimming and qualified as a swimming teacher in 2020 and has been working in schools and leisure centres with a range of children in the West Midlands area.

Anna is also a professional musician and music teacher so she has many years of experience teaching children in a fun and friendly way.

Anna also manages all of our children’s swimming lesson bookings and administration behind the scenes.