Dips and Chips The Book

Dips and Chips: The Book 

By Penny Wilkin and Emma O’Brien


What is it?

Dips and Chips is an illustrated guidebook to wild swimming in Central England.

It’s a 250 page book with information about more than 60 wild swim spots.

It’s written by swimmers for swimmers.  We are proud to say that we have swam at every single place mentioned in the book.

Every swim spot is beautifully illustrated by artist Emma O’Brien with colourful, fun and inspiring illustrations.

It’s a wonderful coffee table book and a guidebook of places to go wild swimming.

Wild Swimming Book

Why Dips and Chips?

It’s called Dips and Chips because if there’s a chippy nearby then Emma always follows a swim with a bag of chips!

Of course, there’s not always anywhere to buy chips, so we share recipes for our favourite vegan cakes and snacks.

Exiting the swim at Ironman Triathlon

What’s the book about?

  • Do you want to try wild swimming but don’t know how to get started or what kit your might need?
  • Are you looking for information about how to find safe places to swim outdoors?
  • Would you like some tips on what kit you need and how to keep yourself safe in the water?
  • Do you need some tips to help you explore the outdoors and find new places to swim?
  • Are you in need of some new yummy post swim cake recipes?

The book includes answers to all these questions and much more.

Wild Swimming River Soar

I was really excited to try out one of Emma’s amazing cake recipes, although doubted that my cake making skills would be up to the challenge. I opted for the chocolate orange one as I had a chocolate orange Easter egg which I wanted to crumble on the top. 

The response from family and friends was fantastic and ranged from “you wouldn’t know this is vegan,” to “this is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten!”  Everyone wants the recipe!  I was surprisingly easy to make too!

Wild Swimming

What’s included in the book?

It includes detailed directions of how to find each swim spot, where to park and how to access the water.

There’s lots of useful tips about how to keep yourself safe as well as general information about wild swimming.

It’s peppered with amusing stories and anecdotes from our adventures, as well as Emma’s beautiful illustrations.  All of which we hope will inspire you to go for a dip and explore some new places.

Most of all we hope it’s a beautiful and inspiring book that will help you to get out exploring the countryside and wild swimming at lots of beautiful locations across Central England.

Leona: An amazing book, with useful advice, fantastic illustrations, a well thought out and easy to navigate structure. It will be my go-to reference book for wild swims in spring/summer 2022 and onwards. Great paper quality too.


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