What is an endless pool?

An endless swimming pool is a small private swimming pool that we use for lessons and coaching.  It’s 14 feet long, 8 feet wide and 4 feet deep and uses a current for you to swim against, rather like running on a treadmill.

It sounds like an odd and difficult thing to do, but it is incredibly easy to swim in an endless pool and has many advantages over a regular swimming pool.  It’s also a powerful and efficient way to learn.

1. Saves Time

Swimming against the current means that your coach is not chasing you up and down the pool but can stand right next to you and give immediate feedback. This saves time and makes teaching much more efficient

2. Mirror
The pool is equipped with a mirror so that you can have visual feedback about how you are swimming
3. Video Feedback

Filming and video feedback is much more convenient. Being in one place makes it easier to film rather than your coach chasing you down the pool with the camera and we have convenient space to do the feedback.

4. Understand your flaws

The current helps to highlight your faults much clearer and more quickly than in a pool. If you don’t swim straight in an endless pool then it quickly becomes obvious because the current will upset your balance.

5. No distractions

The pool is small, contained and cosy. It’s quiet and there are no distractions making it easier to concentrate and give your full focus to your swimming.

6. Warm pool

As it is small and is only used for teaching we can keep the water nice and warm which makes learning easier. We can also keep the chlorine levels lower than public swimming pools.

7. Easily stand up

It’s shallow so you can put your feet down any time you like.

8. Unique

My own lessons in an endless pool have always felt special and slightly exciting. It feels like I’m giving myself a special swimming treat!

9. Fun

The most important reason – It’s Fun!


The pool is a based at the gym on the National Agricultural Centre Site near to Kenilworth (CV8 2LG) and has plenty of parking, as well as a very nice Farmers Fayre café for coffee and cake before and after a swim.

I have lessons Wednesdays 10am-3.30pm and Sundays 3pm-8.30pm. . If you want to find out how lessons work and how I could help then you can book a free 15min call to here.


I’m a Total Immersion Swimming Teacher and I help people feel more comfortable in the water so they can swim further and discover the joy of swimming or finish a triathlon without feeling exhausted.