I’m on easy training week so we did a fun front crawl swimming set this morning.

It was very simple.  Swim 12 x 200m. And do something different for each repeat. FOR FUN!!!  You can obviously amend the distance to suit however much you want to swim

This is what we did but let me know your own ideas.

  1. EZ
  2. 50 free, 50 breast
  3. 50 free, 50 back
  4. IM x 2
  5. 100 build x 2
  6. 50 ez, 50 open water siting
  7. Paddles
  8. With fins as 50 swim, 50 kick
  9. 50 hard, 50 ez
  10. 50 ez, 50 open water sighting
  11. Don’t touch the wall to simulate open water starts and turns
  12. 4 x 50. as 1 hard, 1 with a tumble turn in the middle.

Have a go and let me know if you enjoyed it!

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