Front Crawl Swimming Courses

Introduction to Front Crawl Courses

Have you ever thought about learning front crawl swimming? If you’ve been looking for a beginners front crawl course or a breast stroke to front crawl course then my 6 week, small group introduction courses will help. 

If you love swimming indoors or outdoors then expanding your skills to include an easy and efficient front crawl makes sense.

It can add variety to your sessions which can bring an extra level of enjoyment and fun to your swimming.

If you’re an outdoor swimmer being able to swim front crawl will help you to take on some longer and more challenging swims.

And of course if you’re a triathlete having an efficient swim stroke will save you energy for the bike and the run.

About the Course

  • This is a fun and friendly 6 week course for adults who want to learn front crawl.
  • It takes place at my private swim studio equipped with endless pool based at Stoneleigh.
  • The course is for a small group of 3 swimmers which makes it fun as it can be motivating to see each others progress.
  • Part of the fun is meeting other like minded people.  Having joint experiences and sharing the challenges and achievements of learning can make a real difference to your experience.
  • Having other swimmers on the course with you can help accelerate your learning.  You’ll be able to learn from each other and see how other people swim.
  • The commitment of a weekly course can also be really helpful.  It can keep you focussed and accountable on a weekly basis so you stay on track with your practice.


Who’s it for?

  • Adults who want to learn front crawl
  • Anyone who can already swim and is comfortable in the water and wants to learn a new stroke
  • Wild swimmers who use breast stroke and want to learn front crawl
  • Anyone who wants to take part in triathlon for the first time and would like to swim front crawl
  • Swimmers and triathletes who can already do some strokes of front crawl but want to feel better in the water
  • Adults of all abilities who can swim already but want to learn front crawl for the first time or improve their existing stroke.
  • You don’t need to be super fit or be able to swim lots of lengths.  Throughout the course I’ll teach you in small chunks with a step by step process.

What’s Included?

  • Six one hour practical swim sessions and two one hour classroom sessions
  • Takes place in a small group of 3 swimmers
  • The small group means there’s lots of opportunity to practice and lots of individual feedback
  • Hands on teaching and adjustment in the swimming pool during the sessions so you can feel how your body needs to move
  • Learning in the endless swimming pool which is equipped with a mirror so you can see yourself swim
  • The endless swimming pool makes it easier to see others swimming so you can learn from watching each other
  • A mixture of practical pool based sessions and classroom sessions to help you understand how water works and how to swim.
  • Video feedback of your stroke above and below the water to throughout the course.
  • Handouts, prompts and video resources to help your learning
  • Access to all your videos and resources via an easy to use app called CoachNow


Dates for 2023

Wednesday, 6.30pm, 11th January to 15th February, 6 weeks, £200. Book

Wednesday, 6.30pm, 1st March to 5th April, 6 weeks, £200. Book


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Front Crawl Swimming
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Learn Front Crawl Swimming
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Learn Front Crawl Swimming

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Whatever you goal or starting point my fun, practical and knowledgeable coaching style will help you discover how to improve your swimming.

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