Here are some tips to deal with fogging up goggles.

  1. A new pair of goggles should come with an anti-fog coating to keep your goggles clear while swimming. If your goggles are old and are fogging up one option is to buy a new pair.
  2. It’s worth knowing that the anti-fog coating gets damaged when your goggles get scratched and dirty, of if you rub them with your fingers a lot. So it’s worth looking after your goggles a little bit. I always keep mine in a case to try and stop them getting scratched.
  3. Try a little bit of spit. Lots of people swear by this but I clearly don’t have magic spit as it doesn’t work for me.
  4. Try a small smear of liquid soap or shower gel before your swim. This works for me for short pool sessions but quickly wears off and wouldn’t work for a longer sessions, or an open water swim. Of course if the soap gets in your eye it does sting – but at least its only soap.
  5. Anti-Fog products: Anti fog products are usually made from chemicals that may well not be good for your eyes. So be very careful about what you buy, ask other swimmers for experiences before using anything and follow the instructions for use very carefully. (A previous incident with anti-fog products resulted in several hospital trips and 2 weeks off work).
  6. On this note the only anti fog product I use is the Total Immersion Anti Fog – it’s made by swimmers for swimmers, and is tested by swimmers! It’s made of diluted baby shampoo minus the colouring and fragrance so is kind to your eyes. I use this every time I swim and teach. (NB: I’m not getting any kickbacks for recommended this!)
  7. If I have a big race, or a big swim I always make sure I have fairly new goggles that don’t fog up.