How do you end your swim practice? I like to make swimming fun! So at the end of every swim set I tend to do a “finisher” before I get out the pool.

This is something completely different from the rest of the swim.

It’s something that feels fun to do or provides a different sensation and challenge.

Things I do are:  

  • Race your mate to the wall.
  • Handstands
  • Seeing how far you can swim under water
  • Sculling feet first on your back
  • Somersaults  on the spot for tumble turns
  • Somersault in the middle of a length straight back into front crawl
  • Butterfly
  • Dolphin kick on front or back with fins
  • Individual medley – eg butterfly, backstroke, breast stroke, front crawl
  • Diving and jumping in
  • Starts – streamlined push offs
  • Swimming to the bottom of the deep end
  • Touch turns and tumble turns from the flags to the wall
  • Synchronised swimming with your friend.

Anyone have anything to add?

Don’t forget a confident happy swimmer is a fast swimmer!!!