Doing a tumble turn at the end of each length looks and feels cool! It’s not really a necessary skill for triathletes and open water swimmers who usually race in open water without even a wall to push off. And with 3 sports to train for taking time to learn how to tumble turn probably isn’t high up the priority list.

Having said all that, I’ve learned to tumble turn in the last few years and it’s really helped. So if you’ve got time and patience here are some good reasons to learn how to tumble turn.

  • Tumble turns are quicker so your times will be faster.
  • As they’re quicker training will be more efficient as less time is waster at turning at each end.
  • As they’re faster they help to keep the rhythm of your swimming and minimise the deceleration and interruption at each end. This feels better but also makes training more effective.
  • They can make training harder. This is because as they happen faster there’s less opportunity for a quick rest at the wall and less time is spent with your head above water.
  • Terry Laughlin (the founder of Total Immersion swimming) used to say that when you’re in the pool swim like the best swimmers! And that includes efficient starts and turns!
  • Learning a new skill is good for your soul. And your confidence.
  • Learning any new movement skill is good for your body.
  • It improves your skills, awareness, proprioception and feel for the water.
  • It can add something fun to play with at the end of a hard session.
  • It looks cool!
  • It feels cool!

There are lots of tips and videos on the internet and I watched and tried for years to learn how to do it. It wasn’t until I met Terry Laughlin and he taught me a few key skills that I was missing that I cracked it! If you’re inspired to learn get in touch to book a session.