A lot of people are lucky enough to learn how to ride a bike as a child and grow up taking it for granted as something that you just do.  But if you didn’t get that chance and are now an adult cycling can seem pretty scary.

It’s common for adults to think that the reason they can’t cycle is because they lack balance, strength or fitness or are too old to learn. These are all myths and anyone can learn to ride given the right teaching methods.

Here are some basic steps to get you started

  1. Walking with the bike (not sitting on it). Learning how to use the brakes and getting a feel for how a bike steers and changes direction.
  2. Sitting on the saddle feet flat on the ground and walking. Practice using the brakes. Getting used to sitting on a bike. With feet flat on the ground there’s no element of balance yet so learners should feel safe.
  3. Scooting with feet flat on the floor (not on the pedals). Rather like a child with a balance bike. Starting to learn about balance and how the bike rolls. Feel how far the bike can roll without touching the ground.
  4. Learning how to set the pedal to the pedal ready (push off) position and giving one push to see how far the bike will travel and balance.
  5. After the pedal ready push off attempting to get the other foot to touch the pedal.
  6. Pedalling!


  • Take the time to get comfortable with the brakes
  • Take your time to learn scooting as this is learning balance
  • Keep you head up – and look where you want the bike to go.
  • Choose an easy gear so that turning the pedals doesn’t take lots of effort.
  • Be patient and practice in small chunks as it can be very tiring learning a new skill.

Learning to ride can be life changing, confidence building and great fun! I have taught lots of people from age 5 to age 75 of all shapes, sizes and fitness abilities.  Some people pick it up in 45 minutes, and some people pick it up in 3 or 4 lessons. But I have never had a single person I haven’t been able to teach to pedal. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to book a lesson now.