Penny Wilkin

One-to-one swimming lessons, swimming workshops, triathlon training plans

Who am I?

My name is Penny and I’m a triathlon coach, swimming teacher and author of the wild swimming book Dips and Chips.

When I’m not coaching and teaching I’m swimming, cycling and running. I live in Coventry which is centrally located in the West Midlands, UK. This makes it easy to get to for workshops or one-to-one lessons.


One-to-one open water swimming lesson in the River Avon

Passion for Triathlon

My passion for triathlon started 18 years ago and hasn’t stopped since then. I’ve taken part in races of all distances from sprint through to Ironman all around the world.  I continue to take part in triathlon events and related adventures as much as I can.

In recent years this has included:

  • Racing 7 Ironman distance events all around the world (Switzerland, France, Florida, Austria, Copenhagen, Barcelona and Nottingham)
  • Qualifying for the Olympic Distance European Championships in the 45 to 49 age category
  • Swimming around Jersey in a 3 person relay
  • Swimming the English Channel in a 6 person relay twice
  • Cycling 150 miles from Coast 2 Coast in day
Coach Penny racing triathlon on her time trial bike

Teaching and Coaching

I have been a teacher, trainer and coach for 25 years.  I started out working with young people, adults, voluntary organisations, and professionals across a wide range of activities.  This included business development, healthy eating as well as fitness and outdoor education. I’ve been able to combine these skills with my passion for Triathlon. I became a triathlon coach and started one-to-one swimming lessons 13 years ago.

Coaching open water swimming for triathlon training

What do I do?

I am a full time triathlon coach and swimming teacher working with people taking part in swimming, cycling, running and triathlon activities for fitness and fun.

I help people with:

  • One-to-one swimming lessons to help people improve their swimming
  • Online triathlon training plans to help people train for an event or achieve a fitness goal
  • Swimming workshops to help people learn how to swim effortless front crawl
Wild Swimming at Eckington Bridge in Worcestershire

Since learning Total Immersion and having one-to-one swimming lessons with Penny, I have experienced excitement at the prospect of the next swim. Something I can honestly say I have not previously had.

Wild swimming in the River Thames at Lechlade

Swimming Lessons: Who do I work with?

  • People who can swim breaststroke but want to learn front crawl
  • Swimmers who want to widen their range of swimming skills for fitness and fun
  • Outdoor swimmers who want to swim further and feel more confident
  • Front crawl swimmers who get out of breath very quickly and want to feel more relaxed
  • Triathletes who want to confidently get through the swim leg of their event
  • Experienced triathletes who want to improve their swim times and be more efficient, saving energy for the rest of their race
 Coaching open water swimming for triathlon training
With Penny’s guidance and instruction my swimming has transformed from thrashing about in the water to a more thoughtful and relatively effortless stroke.

Benefits of learning with me

  • Learning how water works will help yo to understand how to move through water rather than fighting and struggling through it
  • You will work on the individual skills that you need to make progress
  • I’m in the pool with you for every lesson and workshop so I can see you swim properly and demonstrate how to do each movement
  • I work with hands on interaction in the swimming pool so you can feel where your body needs to be
  • In my swimming workshops and one to one swimming lessons I always use video analysis above and below the water to give you a chance to see how you’re moving
Teaching one-to-one swimming lessons at endless swimming pool
Penny has helped me knock 1 hour off my 10k swim time after just a few lessons & tweaks

Total Immersion swimmer showing good front crawl stroke with efficient balance and streamlining

Triathlon Training Plans and Coaching: Who do I work with?

  • People who have a new triathlon goal and need some help to achieve it
  • Triathletes taking a step up to the next goal but need help managing sensible training with other work and family commitments
  • More experienced triathletes who want to take their triathlon to the next level with the support of a coach
  • I work with first timers through to age group medal contenders across all distances from sprint distance through to Ironman and beyond
  • I work with people juggling demanding jobs, families, injuries and health conditions and take great pleasure in supporting people to reach their goals and have fun through sport
Triathletes completed their training plan and achieved their goals at sprint distance triathlon

My first ever experience with a triathlon training plan and coach could not have gone better. From completing my first marathon, PBs in the pool and for 70.3 and ultimately smashing my first Ironman. Penny was on it from the start.

After following her triathlon training plan Clare successful finishes the swim at an Ironman triathlon

How can I help?

  • Monitor your triathlon training plan to keep you accountable and on track working towards your goals
  • Take the stress out of juggling work, life and family commitments so all you have to do is follow your triathlon training plan
  • Teach you how to train effectively so you know you’re making the most use of your time
  • As well as getting fit I help you to gain the skills and knowledge you need to reach your fitness goals
  • Give you confidence in your triathlon training plan so you have the belief you can achieve your triathlon and fitness goals however crazy they might seem
Helping triathlete put their wetsuit on ready for open water swimming training

Penny kept in touch through the whole process. She worked with me to tailor each training block to suit what was going on in my life as well as what I needed to get done to make progress.

Total Immersion Swimming Lessons

When I started triathlon 18 years ago, I was a back of the pack runner and a beginner cyclist and felt I needed all the help I could get if I was to survive triathlon. This took me on a journey to improve my swimming technique and some swimming lessons with a Total Immersion Swim Coach.

Within a few weeks of focused practice I was 10% faster without the physically demanding work of thousands of lengths, reps and regular training.

This convinced me that efficient technique and practice would improve my performance and I have been on that journey ever since.

My swimming is a journey of continuous improvement (or Kaizen) and I continue to learn and get faster.  After more than 10 years of Total Immersion lessons I proudly became a Total Immersion certified swim coach and now offer workshops and one-to-one lessons.

Total Immersion one-to-one swimming teacher at endless swimming pool
I’ve spent 40 years trying to learn to swim front crawl effectively and made more progress in 4 hours in the pool at your workshop than in anything else I have tried.

Let’s Chat

Curious about how I could help? Then get in touch and Lets Chat!

You can book a FREE 15min call so you can ask all your questions and discover how I can help you improve your swimming or train for your next triathlon. 

Coach Penny in her wetsuit, swim hat and goggles ready for Ironman Triathlon