Running Technique: Adult Lessons

Adult Running Lessons

Running is a movement skill that can be learned just like learning to play tennis or golf. With the right movement and coaching everyone can achieve their goals and enjoy running pain free.

Running Technique lessons are offered in a 6 week course of 6 x 60 minute, one-to-one lessons. This includes video analysis and movement assessment in week 1 followed by 5 running lessons.

During the course we will teach you about good running technique and help you to develop skills. We will give exercises to help prevent injury and homework to do in between lessons.

Suitable for complete beginners through to serious runners chasing a new PB.


  •  6 x 60 minute, one-to-one lessons
  • Indoors or outdoors, Coventry
  • Video Analysis and Movement Assessment
  • Homework and injury prevention advice
  • Cost: £300


Biomechanical Running Analysis

This is 60 minute session to discover how you run and move. During the session we will analyse your running using video analysis and assess your movement with a Functional Movement Analysis. This will help to identify any weaknesses and movement patterns that may contribute to injury or preventing you from reaching your goals. We will help you to discover what you can do to be more efficient, run faster and avoid injury.

The session is suitable to complete beginners as well as serious runners.


  • 1 x 60 minutes, One-to-one Session
  • Video Analysis
  • Movement Assessment
  • Reduce injury and run faster
  • Cost: £60