Running Technique

Running for Fitness and Fun

Running is an amazing way to keep fit.

It’s so quick and convenient and doesn’t require any gym memberships or fancy kit.

You can get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air on your own or with friends.

Or you can get stuck in to the challenge of taking part in a race, trying to get faster or running a set distance.

But it can also be a huge source of frustration and injury.

And there’s a huge amount of misinformation out there which doesn’t always help.

Proud triathletes showing their medals after finishing sprint distance triathlon

Are you frustrated with your running?

  • Perhaps you can’t get any faster no matter how hard you train
  • Or you’re just starting out and your running feels terrible?
  • Maybe you just feel very slow and don’t know how to get faster
  • Have you had an injury caused by running?
  • Has someone commented on your strange running style?
  • Do you just feel uncoordinated and ungainly when you run?

Have you ever considered your running style and technique and how that could be helping you or holding you back?

Shouldn’t we already know how to run?

Running is a movement skill that can be learned just like learning to play tennis or golf but is very rarely taught.

Poor technique and lack of knowledge combined with previous injuries, muscle weaknesses or movement restrictions can lead to inefficient running.  This often leads to injury or inefficient technique so that a you struggle to reach your speed or distance goals and reach your true potential.

With the right movement and coaching everyone can achieve their goals, move well and enjoy running pain free.

Who do I work with?

  • People who want to feel better and have more confidence with their running
  • Runners who want to get faster or run further
  • Triathletes
  • Injured runners
  • Anyone starting out with running
  • Fast runners and slow runners
  • Age group triathletes and good for age runners
  • Ultra runners
  • Runners aged 18-70+

Movement Analysis

We start with a Functional Movement Assessment and Biomechanical Analysis of your running using cameras and video analysis.

This helps to identify weaknesses, risk of injuries, postural issues and current movement patterns that maybe holding you back or causing pain.

How does it work?

Regardless of your level we start by helping you to change movement patterns and learn efficient running technique.

We do a lot of our coaching indoors on a treadmill as it provides a powerful learning and coaching environment.

Lessons include a mixture of short sections of running combined with exercises to help learn new movement patterns and address weaknesses.



  • Running video analysis and movement assessment: £60
  • Running Technique Course: Six one-to-one running lessons: £300

The Running School

I have trained with expert in running, speed development and rehabilitation and one of the worlds leading running coaches, Mike Antoniades at The Running School.

I am a Certified Run Technique Specialist and I use the running re-education techniques developed by The Running School to help runners of all levels improve their movement.

Learn how to run

If you’re curious about how running lessons work and how it could help then send me a message and I’ll get back to you.  

Or you could book a FREE 15min Let’s Chat to meet me over Zoom and talk about how I could help.

Penny Swimming teacher and Triathlon Coach