Running a half marathon gives me plenty of time to observe running technique of all the people over taking me and keeps my mind distracted from my suffering.

It breaks my heart to see so many runners moving so badly they’ll be injured before long or they could run faster.

Here are some tips based on my observations from yesterdays triathlon:

1. How do you sound when running? If you scuff the ground or land more noisily than other runners then there’s probably something amiss with where your foot lands.

2. If your arms or legs are uneven then you probably have an imbalance which will eventually lead to an injury on one side. 

3. A lot of triathletes are very stiff on the arms and back and shoulders……loosen up. 

4. Have you ever seen yourself run? Or taken the time to work on your running technique? Get a friend to video and start with simple observations. 

Running is a movement skill you can learn. It’s not just something you’re born with. And it will help you to avoid injury and run faster.  Get in touch for some coaching.