There are lots of ways to learn to swim depending on what suits you and your circumstances and how you like to learn.  Attending a one day workshop is one of the options we offer and here are some reasons for attending one.

  1. Efficiency and Technique: Because swimming is so technical it’s possible to make speed and efficiency gains by changing movement patterns.  With quality coaching and good focus it’s possible to make improvements like this in just one day compared to training hard several times per week for several months to save a few seconds.
  2. High quality coaching: Not all towns and cities are blessed with lots of experienced and qualified swim coaches so travelling to a workshop for the day is a great opportunity to experience coaching from a highly qualified coach.
  3. Coach Ratios: Total Immersion workshops operate with one coach to every five swimmers so there is plenty of individual attention and feedback. Hands On: Total Immersion swim coaches are hands on. This means that we are in the pool with our swimmers, helping to adjust you into position, giving you feedback as well as demonstrating. This helps to accelerate learning but improves the quality of coaching.
  4. Feedback: Being in the water means that coaches are closer to swimmers and see movement patterns more clearly especially things like muscle tension. This makes it easier to give immediate feedback which is an essential part of practice and learning.
  5. Focus:  Allocating a day in your diary to spend at a workshop improving your swimming gives you the space to focus on your stroke without other distractions (such as work, dinner, crowded public pools, keeping up with the swimmer in front etc.).
  6. Learning from others: Being in a group of swimmers with a wide range of ability is a great learning environment. You will see other swimmers with the same movement patterns and similar frustrations as you. But you will also discover there are some things you are good at that you never even realised was a skill that other people couldn’t do. You’ll learn from each other’s mistakes.
  7. Theory and practical.  Having a whole day to learn provides the opportunity to do a mixture of practical and theory sessions. You can learn about the theory of swimming in a warm and dry classroom where you can take notes and ask questions. And then apply this knowledge during the practical sessions in the pool.
  8. Video Analysis: All our workshops include a video analysis at the start and finish of the day with feedback being given in the classroom.  This gives you the opportunity to see yourself swimming both above and below the water, and you then have the chance to apply your learning during the practical sessions straight after the video analysis.
  9. Questions: Having the whole day means that there is time to ask all your swimming questions.
  10. Time Saver: Its often hard to access high quality coaching that is easy to travel to, and is available at suitable times around work, family and hobbies. Learning in a one day workshop is often a convenient way to learn for people with busy lives rather than having to commit to regular weekly lessons or a course.
  11. Cost Effective: A one day workshop can be a cost effective way to learn compared to one-to-one lessons.
  12. Fun: It’s fun to meet people and be in a room full of swimmers who share the same passion and interest.  In addition being in a room full of people with open minds and a willingness to learn is a great environment to improve your swimming.

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