Swimming: One to one swim coaching

Usually the quickest and most effective way to make progress with developing your stroke and learning to swim is a bespoke session with individual attention and coaching.

Get straight to the areas that you need to develop with drills specifically prescribed for your goals and current level of swimming.

With one-to-one support you will have time to learn how to perform drills to a higher level of detail so that all your swim practice is truly effective. You will also have more time to learn at your own pace.

One to one lessons take place in a pool booked exclusively for your lesson. This means there are no other pool users around so that you can focus solely on your lesson without distractions or feeling self-conscious.

One to one lessons include the use of video during your lesson and are suitable for all abilities including non-swimmers, swimmers learning front crawl or experienced triathletes.


Learn Front Crawl

Our Introduction to Front Crawl programs are aimed at people who can

  • already swim but only have one stroke
  • can only swim one length of front crawl before having to stop
  • can swim a few lengths but are completely exhausted
  • can swim front crawl but have never had any coaching before and what to learn how to do it efficiently

Teaching takes place in small groups or one to one and a coach is always in the water with you.  I use simple step by step blocks starting off with breathing, posture and balance before looking at using the arms and legs.

As well as teaching you how to do the drills, I teach you how to practice so that you can go away and be your own coach.  I use video analysis in all our sessions to help learning to be more effective.


Faster Front Crawl

If you can already swim several lengths of front crawl but would like to be faster and use less energy then we can help. Whatever level you are at we believe there are always opportunities for development and improved efficiency.

We use video analysis to break down your stroke and see what can be changed to make you more efficient.

We may de-construct basic drills to make further improvements to the foundations of balance and posture. Or we may help you with advanced skills such as improving the catch or a two beat kick.

We teach swimmers how to practice more effectively using metrics such as strokes per length, tempo and time.

Learn to swim

For non swimmers, people who lack water confidence or have a fear of water

8 x 30min lessons

2 accompanied visits to a public pool

2 x 15min non pool based coaching sessions



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Get Started with Front Crawl

Foundation Skills of balance, breathing and efficiency

6 x 1hr lessons

Cost:  £360


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Faster Front Crawl: Advanced Skills

Timing, whole body propulsion and catch.

6 x 1hr lessons

Cost: £360


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Get Ready for Ironman

4 x 1hr lessons working on stroke efficiency, 2 x 1hr working on stroke length, tempo and pacing, 1 x 60min open water.

Cost: £420


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Your First Triathlon

4 x 1hr sessions working on your technique and efficiency, 1 x 1 hour session learning how to train with metrics such as stroke length, tempo and pacing, 1 x 60min Open water.

Cost: £360


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