One-to-One Swimming Lessons

One-to-one Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a fabulous way of keeping fit! It can be challenging, invigorating or a way to de-stress.

Whatever your reasons for getting in the water the positive physical and mental benefits of swimming are incredible.

But it can also be frustrating and confusing. Other people make it look so easy and no matter how hard you try you aren’t getting any better.

This is where one to one private swimming lessons using the Total Immersion method can really help!

Breathing while swimming
With Penny’s guidance and instruction my swimming has transformed from thrashing about in the water to a more thoughtful and relatively effortless stroke.

How can I help?

  • Do you get out of breath very quickly or swallow lots of water?
  • Do you feel like your legs are sinking?
  • Can you feel something is wrong in your stroke but you don’t know what it is or how to change it?
  • Are you trying really hard but not getting any better?
  • Have you followed a training plan but you’re still not any faster?
  • Are you fit enough to run and cycle for miles but struggle with swimming?
  • Do you feel like your swim leg of a triathlon lets you down?
  • Do you want to swim more gracefully and with less effort?

If you can relate to any of these issues then get in touch to see how some one-to-one swimming lessons could make a difference.

One-to-one swimming teacher in the swimming pool wearing a yellow Total Immersion swim hat
Penny has helped me knock 1 hour off my 10k swim time after just a few lessons & tweaks

Total Immersion swimmer showing good front crawl stroke with efficient balance and streamlining

Who do I teach?

  • Triathletes who feel their swim lets them down
  • First time triathletes who want to survive the swim with a smile on their face
  • People who can swim breaststroke for miles but want to learn front crawl for the first time
  • Indoor and outdoor swimmers who love swimming and want to swim further for less effort and more enjoyment
  • Experienced swimmers who want to get faster or swim further
  • Adults of all ages who want to improve their swimming
Triathlete exiting the swim in an Ironman Triathlon

Why learn with me?

  • I am one of only 9 Total Immersion qualified coaches in the UK
  • I am in the pool with you for every single lesson!
  • Being in the pool makes communication much easier and also means I can see exactly how you’re swimming
  • The endless pool saves time because I’m not chasing you up and down the pool
  • Swimming on the spot against the current means I’m stood next to you and can see every single stroke.
  • I teach the Total Immersion way with Hands On teaching.  This is where I physically adjust your body position and help you to feel how your body should be moving
  • All lessons are tailored to your specific needs and we work at a pace that suits you
  • Lessons include a combination of movement practices, drills and swimming to help you break down the stroke into smaller movements and integrate it back  into your swimming
  • A practice sheet is included in every lesson so you know exactly what you need to practice in between lessons
Total Immersion swimming teacher - certified to level 3
Since learning Total Immersion swimming with Penny, I have experienced excitement at the prospect of the next swim, something I can honestly say I have not previously had

Total Immersion Swimming Logo - helping people feel better in the water with one-to-one swimming lessons

Where do I teach?

I teach using a private swim studio that uses an endless pool and is booked exclusively for your lesson.

  • There are no other pool users around so that you can focus solely on your lesson without distractions or feeling self-conscious
  • The private nature of the pool means we can use video in every single lesson so you can see yourself swim
  • The pool is equipped with a mirror so you can see yourself swim on every single stroke
  • The pool is warm and quiet so all you have to focus on is your swimming
Endless Swimming Pool near Coventry for one-to-one swimming lessons


The pool is based at Faber Gym at the National Agricultural Centre site just outside of Kenilworth. The full address is:

Faber Swim, The International Pavilion, 10th Street, National Agricultural Centre, Kenilworth, CV8 2LG

Total Immersion swimming teacher giving one-to-one swimming lessons in endless swimming pool

Book Now

If you’re interested in one-to-one lessons with me or are curious about learning in an endless pool you can find out more here

Or you could book a FREE 15min Let’s Chat to talk about how I could help.

Teaching one-to-one swimming lessons at endless swimming pool