Thinking about how to make 2018 different?  Here are our ten ideas for New Years Resolutions for triahletes.

  1. Try something new: This could be a different route, swimming in a 50metre pool, a new training group, a different distance or an online tool like Zwift. Many athletes just do the same thing and the same route every week which often doesn’t create a training stimulus or gets boring. Tip: I make it a point to ride a different route home from a club ride every Sunday.
  2. Use your Garmin device to help your training. Learn how to use your device properly. Review what functions you currently use and see if there are some other functions that might help. I recently learned how to use the drill function in swimming (can’t believe I didn’t know this) and how to use the Strava segments alert while cycling. But other functions I like are race the pacer and heart rate or power alerts to make me work harder.
  3. Use training zones as a guide to help you train at the right intensity so that your training is more effective. Get in touch for some help setting these up and learning how to use them.
  4. Use data from your training to find out if you’re getting the most out of your workouts. Common mistakes from YouCanCoaching athletes recently is not working hard enough (especially on the turbo), working too hard on an easy session, making the reps hard but not going easy on the rest intervals between reps, rest intervals are too long in the pool (this is me!).
  5. Stretch and mobilise before AND after sessions. For many of our coached athletes this is an essential part of injury prevention and management.
  6. Sit down less especially if you sit at a desk during your work day. Try taking regular breaks, walking while you’re on the phone, or a standing desk.
  7. Find a training buddy to help you train harder, be more consistent or in my case stick to the swimming rest intervals properly. When training gets tough having someone to meet you often helps to keep you accountable.
  8. Get help from an expert. This could be another athlete, triathlon coach, a video analysis, a physiotherapist a strength and conditioning coach or a yoga teacher.
  9. Include Strength and conditioning to improve posture, stability, movement patterns and strength. This helps to reduce the risk of injury but will also help you to become a faster athlete
  10. Add some Fun to your training. Remember this is spare time and a hobby so see what you can do to put some play back into your training. For me there’s been nothing like racing my friend in the pool, sprinting for the lamp post, going on a cycle tour, or riding with a group of friends.

Get in touch to let us know what your News Resolutions are and what plans you’ve made to be a better triathlete in 2018.