Swimming Lessons and Workshops

One-to-One Swimming Lessons

With Penny’s guidance and instruction my swimming has transformed from thrashing about in the water to a more thoughtful and relatively effortless stroke.

Penny helped me get back into swimming at my best after 2 years of on-off training during the pandemic. She listened to my bespoke goal and helped me achieve it in a fun, engaged and relaxed way. I’d recommend one to one swimming lessons in the endless pool with Penny if you are a complete novice or experienced confident swimmer. There’s always room to improve!

Amazing swimming lesson. I cannot recommend these lessons highly enough. Penny teaches in a way that makes perfect sense of each of the technical parts of a stroke. I left feeling that I could swim!

Since Total Immersion, I have experienced excitement at the prospect of the next swim, something I can honestly say I have not previously had.

Penny has helped me knock 1 hour off my 10k swim time after just a few lessons and tweaks.

Great coaching on effortless swimming. I was aiming to improve my technique in the water and found the session hugely valuable.

With Penny’s guidance and instruction my swimming has transformed from thrashing about in the water to a more thoughtful and relatively effortless stroke. I have experienced Penny’s approach as clear and supportive. She is focussed and totally attentive in the lesson and content was designed to meet my specific goals.

I attended one of Penny’s introduction to front crawl 6 week courses 3 years ago. Before the course I could only swim 2 lengths of front crawl before I was exhausted. I now swim 80 lengths at least 3 times a week and also go to Dosthill quarry and a few other spots for open water swimming.

Effortless Front Crawl Swimming Workshops

The workshop was easy to follow with a good balance of theory and practical. Both coaches came across as extremely knowledgeable. I thought the video critiques were very helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, thank you.

The classroom teaching was clear and very instructive with the visual aids. The swimming videos and commentary on our final swim were very professionally analysed, helpful and encouraging.

I now understand WHY the drills are important and how they all link together to swim smarter and faster

I’d been trying Total Immersion for about a month taking some pointers from the Total Immersion book, but the course had very different emphasis in a number of places. I wish I’d done the course without trying with my interpretation of what the book was saying.

I’ve spent 40 years trying to learn to swim front crawl effectively and made more progress in 4 hours in the pool at your workshop than in anything else I have tried.

I loved being with like minded folk who weren’t bothered about how much or how little swimming everyone else was up to. Learning alongside others is a great way to see swimming technique (good & bad) so helps with my own learning.

I enjoyed the content and the people and the atmosphere were superb. I have to say I liked and enjoyed every minute of the workshop very much.

It was great to get one to one feedback on my swimming technique from the video analysis. The direct feedback on drills and body position in the water was really helpful.

You will leave this workshop brimming with confidence and inspiration to go on to master this wonderful technique. Your tool box will be brimming and you will have the foundations from which to develop into an effortless swimmer.

The workshop was fantastic. The content and process was clearly explained and we were given good opportunity to understand and test focal points in the pool.  Tutors were amazing – professional and friendly.

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