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Tim: First ever experience with a triathlon coach could not have gone better. From completing my first marathon, PBs in the pool and for 70.3 and ultimately smashing my first Ironman. Penny was on it from the start.

Sarah: Penny is a fantastic coach. She listened to all my goals and built a realistic training plan around my busy schedule, and holidays!  The sessions are easy to follow and it was amazing how quickly I saw my fitness increase. We sat down before the race and talked through possible scenarios on race day.

Steve: Penny has been coaching me for over 3 years now, during which time I’ve secured marathon PB’s, half marathon PB’s, learned to swim, competed in half-Ironman events and am in the best shape of my life. It’s so much easier to achieve your goals when you have someone who knows what they are doing structuring your workouts and giving you guidance. My only regret is not doing so 10 years earlier.

Jen: I’m a beginner to triathlon and was just coming off of a long term foot injury when we started working together. Penny created a program of manageable challenges to increase my form and fitness while adapting to the many obstacles that cropped up as well. The biggest benefits are having a source of knowledgeable encouragement and accountability  and having the confidence that my training plan will work for my goals.

Gary:   Without coaching I possibly would not have achieved 3 x 10k PB’s and a similar amount of 5k PB’s in the last 12 months.  This has assisted me in qualifying easily for European Duathlon Championships both this year and next year and winning my club 5km league this year with a time of 18.11 at the age of 49!!!  Yes I ran my little legs off that day.

Sarah: I have been working with Penny for the past year and it has made a huge positive difference.  I decided to try coaching on a bit of an impulse having done a few triathlons and bike events, but didn’t know how to go about improving.   I wasn’t sure if coaching would be for me – as very much a normal person, not an elite athlete! Since I have been training with Penny I have made massive progress – I am loads fitter and have completed events and achieved times that I didn’t think I would ever be capable of.  I have a busy job and family life and Penny structures my training around my other commitments and makes it challenging but manageable. And she’s lovely to chat to!

Anita:  Coaching as helped me plan the season ahead and my goals. It takes the problem out of arranging your own training and stops me from doing too much. Having someone to talk to and email helps with knowing where you currently are and where you need to be.  Having feedback helps to keep me progressing.

Nigel:  It’s always good to learn something new, especially at my advanced age, and I want to thank Penny-the-coach for improving my swimming so that I can actually enjoy it, introducing me to strength and conditioning training (yes, really), and getting me to love the turbo  – and why not with no potholes, rain, or rogue drivers!

Lizzy: Penny set up my training plan for Ironman UK and kept in touch through the whole process working with me to tailor each training block to suit what was going on in my life as well as what I needed to get done to make progress. As a teacher and an Army reservist I am pretty busy but the plan worked well around that.

An injury in put the brakes on my Ironman attempt but with Penny’s support I got back to it when I could. she tailored my training to fit in around my recovery and to keep me on track. Without this and having the accountability you get from working with a coach I don’t think I’d have maintained the focus I have for so long.

Nick: Coaching is Absolutely essential and I simply would never have achieved my Ironman without Coach Penny.  Without her it just would never have happened. She has tough love, patience, honesty, motivational, very knowledgeable, empathy, trust in you being there.

Penny gives me the confidence and assurance when needed and helps you to assess your goals for the year and for big races, which is key when you are so new to triathlons.  I have also achieved many personal bests in 10k, half marathons and triathlons over the last 18 months following the coaching.

Clare:  A fantastic coaching partner to have in your corner. (Penny has been in mine since 2013, first Ironman). The planned session always seems to be exactly what I need that day. The coaching conversations are equally as productive at the big picture strategic level as at the detailed technique or data level.

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