What is Total Immersion Swimming?

What is Total Immersion Swimming?

Total Immersion swimming technique is a revolutionary method of teaching swimming. It has taught thousands of swimmers to feel better in the water and swim further and faster with less effort.

Total Immersion will teach you the skills, knowledge and techniques required for a fast, efficient and beautiful swim stroke.

Total Immersion is a method of learning swimming that is different to more traditional methods of teaching. It was developed in America by globally respected coach Terry Laughlin and refined over 25 years with thousands of students around the world.

It’s a worldwide organisation with coaches in 23 countries. Total Immersion UK has 9 coaches and I proud to be one of the team. I am a Level 3 Coach and qualified to teach all strokes and licensed to run workshops.

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Penny: I have been swimming for fitness, fun and triathlon for 20 years.

I’ve tried learning with every swim swim programme that exists.

I’ve learned something from all of them but the thing that’s made the most lasting difference to me and my swimming is Total Immersion.

Wild Swimming at Eckington Bridge in Worcestershire

How can Total Immersion help?

  • Have you ever looked at other swimmers that are fast yet graceful and wondered how they do that?
  • Have you tried everything but still feel like a splashy out of breath thing that’s not getting any better?
  • Are you physically fit and can run and cycle for miles but are quickly out of breath with swimming?
  • Are you confused about how to improve your swimming?
  • Can you feel something is wrong in your stroke but no other programme or training plan has helped you to change it?

Total Immersion swimming technique will teach you how to use physics of movement in water, the physiology of how your body works and the psychology of how humans learn. This will enable you to discover the joy of graceful swimming.

For years I followed programmes and went to club sessions which regularly used kick boards and kick drills as part of their training. Whenever I was given a kick board I went nowhere. I’d work my socks off, make a lot of splash and still struggle to get through one single length. It never got any better no matter how hard I tried and how many weeks I practiced.

This made me curious about abut what was holding me back and to see if there was a different way of learning.

This is what led me to Total Immersion swimming technique where I learned what was really important for fast and efficient swimming.

Total Immersion swimming teacher giving one-to-one swimming lessons in endless swimming pool

Who’s it for?

  • Swimmers of all ages who want to improve their swimming
  • Anyone of any size and level of fitness who wants to learn how to be graceful in the water
  • Indoor and outdoor swimmers who love swimming and want to swim further for less effort and more enjoyment
  • First time triathletes who want to survive the swim with a smile on their face
  • Experienced swimmers and triathletes who want to get faster or swim further
Total Immersion swimmer showing good front crawl stroke with efficient balance and streamlining

What makes Total Immersion different?

  • Total Immersion believes that swimming is a movement skill and that 80% of your performance comes from good swimming technique
  • The principles of how water works are taught so you can understand how your body behaves in water and how to harness that to improve your performance
  • Balance and posture are prioritised so it’s is kinder to your body than more traditional methods of learning which focus on pulling and kicking hard
  • Total Immersion teaches you how to swim with your whole body to tap into rhythm and power initiated from your core
  • Instead of relying on the strength and power of your arms and legs to pull your body through water Total Immersion teaches you how to swim with your whole body

Total Immersion swimming in practice

  • Total Immersion swimming uses simple steps and movement skills to help you learn.
  • A combination of drills and practice sequences are integrated into whole stroke swimming to make it easier to improve
  • Learn how to use your brain for in your swimming so you improve in every single swim
  • Prioritise effective practice rather than swimming endless boring lengths
  • Learn how to put your attention on good movement rather than only focusing on how far you swam, how fast your last 4 lengths were or how many calories you burned.

With Total Immersion swimming technique you don’t need youth, strength, athleticism or any special talents to become the swimmer you want to be. It is an amazing way of swimming that will help anyone learn to swim.

One-to-One Swimming Lessons

I’m Penny and I’m a teacher, coach and swimmer. I love swimming in the indoors, outdoors and in the endless pool and I’d love to help you discover how to improve your swimming.

If you’re interested in one-to-one lessons with me or are curious about learning in an endless pool you can find out more here

Total Immersion one-to-one swimming teacher at endless swimming pool