Having spent a lot of August away, my regular training routine has been a little out of kilter and I haven’t done as many of my regular sessions over the month as I normally do.

So this week saw me get back into my routine with 3 quality swim sessions at my local pool. It was great to get back into it and I realised a key part of my routine is my morning swims at Coventry baths.  And despite the fact that there are lots of quirky and frustrating features (don’t start me on toilet rolls and time tables) – I actually really like going there

I go there on the same days, at the same time each week which really helps to get to know people.

It’s reliably cold! And therefore great for training because you have to keep moving, and also don’t over heat.

It’s 50 metres! Which makes the sets go faster.

There’s flags at each end and decent lane ropes which makes stroke counting and turning much easier.

There is a regular group of morning swimmers who have the habit of swimming in the same lanes. So it’s easy to get to know each other, make friends and share some gossip.

As regulars, we know how we all swim. This helps with the lane sharing and lane etiquette.

If you’re not around for a few weeks people miss you! And check on you when you’re back.

There’s all sorts of people and swimmers which makes it interesting and diverse. And a change from skinny focussed triathlete types!

Reception staff are friendly and usually the same people each week so this helps with familiarity and connection.

It connects me to my roots! As it’s full of people living or working in Coventry so we often share a bit of news or gossip about the city.

I realise I go there for much more than just a training swim!

What your favourite sessions and why? Why do you like your local pool and what makes a nice place to train?  Get in touch to let me know what you think.