Just as I thought my knee was fixed and I made to a whole 25 minutes of running, my knee started to hurt again. I couldn’t run to the end of the road without pain and had to have the whole week off running.

I was reminded by the coaches at Coalition Performance that injuries don’t always heal in a linear fashion and there will be ups and downs along the way.  This really helped to keep me positive and stop my burying my head in a bottomless pit of chocolate biscuits and CSI box sets.

I also realised that I have worked hard at learning to enjoy all the other things I need to do to stay fit and injury free. I went to yoga and loved the fact I can sometimes touch my toes! I went to my strength and conditioning session and learned some new exercises and lifted more weight than I have ever.  I rode my bike and managed to get some all time power output records.

The benefit of triathlon is that there’s 3 sports! So while I can’t run – I’m still getting better at swimming and cycling. Plus it’s a good job I can’t run much as there’s still so much other stuff to do!

48 weeks to Ironman Barcelona 2019!